Monday, September 17, 2018

This Week In Kpop: September 17, 2018

Well, it appears I haven't done a kpop weekly wrap up for a long time! LOL... why did I name it that? Whatever, I will tell you about what happened this past week I guess anyway...

E'Dawn and HyunA

Awhile back a couple of kpop idols (celebrities) announced that they were dating and had been for two years... that they were sick of keeping it a secret and that they wanted to share with the world. Of course, while international fans seem okay with the idea.. Korean fans HATE the thought of their idols dating, and so they freaked out. The company for these two then also freaked out and said that they were now on hiatus... and they stopped all promotion for their groups. The dude was supposed to come with his group to KCON but of course he didn't and so we saw his group without him, which was a sad sad thing. So this past week they announced (we think they officially announced... I don't think it was a simple leak) that these two were being fired basically. And kicked out. Well... we ALL went crazy on Twitter and after a day.. the company's stock fell a TON and then they said.. okay wait... wait... maybe we won't fire them. Calm down everyone! So then after a few more days they said... yeah... we will keep them after all... and so now we are all... NO NEVERMIND! WE WANT THEM TO LEAVE AND MAKE ALL THE MONEY WITHOUT YOU! It's such a mess and such total drama. But real lives are messed up. The poor boys left in the group, trying to do their job... keep breaking down in tears. They had to release a new song and MV without him and it's so cute...but it's so hard to know that inside they are all hurting so bad.

The dude wrote a letter to fans that was seriously heartbreaking saying he just wanted to live a truthful life and that he never meant to make such a mess. I was proud of him though, for NOT apologizing for actually falling in love... or telling the truth. Anyway. It's still going to be seen what happens, but I hope they figure it all out. It's such a mess.

BTS came out with more songs and more awesome MVs. And a complete repackage album of all their recent best stuff. Currently they are on tour in the US and making everyone lucky enough to go to their concerts pretty much die in ecstasy over them. They really are amazing. Of course, we didn't get tickets this time. We tried and failed. They have been nominated for a Grammy... it's in the social artist category, but soon they will be nominated for an actual musical award, I'm pretty sure.  Just wait :) They have been having drama of their own with the Korean fans since they wanted to do song on their upcoming Japanese album writen by a dude that the fans do not approve of... so the company listened to the fans... again.. .and pulled the song. Those Korean fans are NOT to be messed with let me just say!

Our favorites, SHINee, released a video and new song this past week too and their video is the cutest thing should totally watch. And Minho is reading a book... can you see what it is? I couldn't but someone told me in a comment on our channel. I will let you guess first. :)

I can't think what else to report on for now. But it seems like there's always something going on!


  1. Woah! That romance sounds straight out of a kdrama...which has me wondering. Publicity stunt? That’s crazy that the fans have that much power. I tried seeing what the book is but I can’t. It’s too blurry.

    1. It totally does sound like a drama.. and a book needs to be written too. :) I truly hope it's not a publicity stunt because... those other boys (the ones left in the group that are missing their guy) are SO HURTING! The book that Minho is "reading" is The Ruby Knight by David Eddings. It's the second in a series. I'm intrigued. Like why did they pick THAT book to have him hold? AH! I want to know!



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