Tuesday, September 25, 2018

BTS Speaks at the United Nations

On Monday, yesterday, BTS the Korean "boy band" group that I gush about a lot, spoke at the United Nations to kick off a new youth program by UNICEF. Seeing them stand there, so dignified and serious, made me so proud and happy. It feels like a sort of pay back to people who make fun of this music and these guys and even other groups, as just frivolous bubble gum dumb boy band music, and shows that they are much more than that. And that they have so much to say that will help the world become a better place... stuff they say all the time in their music, but yesterday they said it just a few smart words delivered by their leader, Kim Namjoon.

Stuff like: believe in yourself, speak up for yourself, follow your dreams and passions, don't be put in a box or a mold dictated by race, gender or anything. Don't lose sight of yourself. It doesn't matter if you mess up and make mistakes. You will be wiser tomorrow. It's okay to love yourself. It's a message they've been talking about nonstop for a long time now... and now the world got to hear it. Ah. It's so cool and crazy!

Our boy Namjoon, aka. RM did an impressive job. He's truly an amazing person in so many ways.

Anyway, here's the speech if haven't seen it and are curious about what I'm talking about here:

And here's the whole thing written out if you'd rather read it... (but believe me you will love to hear Namjoon's voice!)

Anyway, I'm just so proud of them and wanted to shout it out. And to share the speech for those that don't listen to their music, but might need to hear this message anyway.

They will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and Good Morning America tomorrow if you want to see more of them. Believe me, they won't be as serious looking as they looked at the UN... or looking like they are going to church! BUT, they will look amazing and they will have a great time and they will show the world that they are for real and here to stay.

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  1. It’s crazy how popular they’re getting. It sounds like a very good speech.



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