Sunday, September 16, 2018

Currently: Life... It Goes On

Do we still like these Currently posts? Even though I forget to do them very often?

Listening: Spotify, as usual. The playlist at the moment is the one they make for you based on what you listen to a lot. Daily Mix 1 (they have different mixes based on my different genres.) This list is kpop of course. The song at the moment is the beautiful Leo singing this song:

Maybe I'll get to see him sing this live some day like the lucky people in this audience. :)

A favorite song lately is this one:

We got to see them sing this for the first time at KCON and it was awesome.

Watching: I started a little series on Netflix that the husband recommended called Shetland. Based on mysteries by Ann Cleeves taking place in the Shetland Islands off Scotland. Very intriguing. I watched 3 episodes and need to finish the last 3 to see what happens!

Still watching lots of dramas. I was excited this week when my friend Jenny got sucked into a drama (FINALLY!) and wanted to talk about it (I feel your pain girl!) and so I dropped the one I was halfway into and started this one with her. It's so good!

Not sure what that Hangul says, but people are calling it all sorts of things:
Beating Again... or Falling in Love with Soon Jung are two... lol. 

Survivor starts up again soon too I think. Not even sure when, but I said to the husband... "are we watching still" and he said why not, so... why not!

Reading: I'm still being captured by the series and world created by Leigh Bardugo. Currently finishing up Crooked Kingdom. Love these characters so much! But they are KILLING ME! AHH!!!

Writing: Guys I really want to start up again. But I waffle back and forth on why should I? Just to finish the stories I've started? To say that I did it? To actually try and publish? To just make my brain do creative things? I don't really know why and I don't really think I'm good enough to do anything with it, so.... why? Ah... it's so hard to have a positive attitude about this one! I would LOVE to attempt Nano again, but I'm going to be gone being a grandma for some of that month and so I know it will be a crazy endeavor... but still...

Blogging: I decided I need to get all my blogs printed in a hard copy and stuck in binders. I did this for a long time, but got totally behind, so this past week I copied year 2013 of my blog. Wow, but it's fun to look back. I did so freaking much back then!! How did I do that? LOL! Anyway, it's like reliving that whole year again, and it was a pretty great year! This week I hope to get 2014 and maybe even 2015 done. I wonder what I did during those years!

But CURRENTLY, I had a dry spell and then I have been doing okay trying to catch up  on some things, yeah? I think Bloggiesta is going to be happening later on this month.. and I was wondering about the Readathon too.. I bet it's coming up! And also, I'm wondering what fun weekly memes are people doing these days. Anything? What's a good one to start doing? Suggestions?!!! I need a regular weekly feature to look forward to.

YouTubing: Well, as you know KCON was a highlight... being guest panelists at a huge convention. Yeah? But now that high is passing and I'm left wondering what we do next to keep things going. We are sick of doing reactions on the channel, so we are trying to figure out what else would be fun. Sister and YouTube partner Megs will be traveling to Korea in a month and the plan is to have her do travel and experience vlogs for the channel, so we are hoping that will be a fun and popular thing! I still have the most fun compiling song lists, but people don't seem that interested in watching them. It's always a struggle figuring out what people DO want to watch... that's not reactions. LOL.

We'll be going to a the local social media  conference this week. It's always a good thing for getting ideas and revitalizing the enthusiasm, yes?

Asking: Can we PLEASE get some rain? We need the fires out and the smoke all gone.. and we need the weather to cool down! Please???!!!

Picture Taking: We went camping over Labor Day and I enjoyed the sunsets. :)

Looking Forward To: 

  • Going to Illinois around Thanksgiving to visit the daughter and family, bond with the 2 year old granddaughter and welcome another granddaughter to the world. 
  • Markus Zusak's new book (only a few weeks to go!!) and visit in October! Ah, I think it was a dream that he came here years ago. Did that really happen? I'm so glad it gets to happen again!
  • Hosting another Kpop party at Bumblebees, hopefully in also in October. Did you see the last one? Maybe you even came? Dang, we had a fun and crazy crowd! 
That's about it that's going on around here. What's happening with you all?


  1. I always find it interesting to read back through old posts. Some of them are really good. Not all of them, but some of them.

    I will be interested to see what people say about weekly memes. I think I need something to get back into the book blogging community.

  2. I’m glad you’re watching with me. It’s nice having someone to talk to about it. I didn’t get to watch a single episode this weekend though. I need to finish the book club book (which I’m enjoying) so I can read more Bardugo. Love those sunsets.

  3. I enjoy these "Currently" posts, although I read them mostly for the reading and life aspects since kpop/drama is not my thing. I'm glad you still post them :)

    We finally got some rain yesterday. Not a ton, but enough to clear the air and water the plants. I hope Utah gets some soon. Those fires are so heartbreaking :(



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