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Introducing: UP10TION!

I've talked about them a lot but I wanted to do an official "introducing" post for them. Which overwhelms me a bit since there's like... TEN of them and I'm not sure I'll have something to say about every single one, but here we go!

And so, please meet:  UP10TION!

Sheesh they are all so serious in this picture! You don't get to see the smiles! But it's a good one for faces so here we go:
Top row: Wei, Gyujin, Kuhn, Bitto, Hwanhee
Bottom row: Sunyoul, Xiao, Wooshin, Jinhoo and Kogyeol

They've been around for three years... in fact this month was the anniversary of their debut song. We discovered them exactly one year later... with this same song.. and it remains one of my favorites still even after they've put out so many other songs to love:

So Dangerous

Man I love the intro on that!! And I still can't believe this was their first song!

We really started paying attention to them when we did a reaction to this song and realized how truly very cute they are:

They are a smallish group and don't get much notice in the kpop world which why I thought they would never come on tour to the US, so when they announced it last spring that they WERE coming, we knew we would be there! And so far, it's been on of the best concerts yet because of it's small venue and intimate audience. Best thing ever. I know I did a huge post about our concert experience, but I didn't share any full fancams so here's one of my favorite songs that they did that night: Runner.

So here they are all individually in order oldest to youngest:

Jinhoo, as the oldest is the leader of the group. He has a sweet clear beautiful voice that stands out big time. He is one of the shortest (maybe the shortest?) of the group but has a big personality as we saw during the concert. So witty and funny and full of jokes! He's the one we ended up walking across the street with and didn't even know it. He has an unbelieveable smile. :) According the recent video they made, his favorite thing is coke.

Kuhn, as the second oldest, co-leads with Jinhoo. He is one of the deep voiced rappers... very deep voiced! He is an accomplished flirter and can make everyone swoon without hardly trying. When Megs got her picture taken with him, her assestment... "he is so manly!" Tall and broad. He has beautiful and like them all, a killer smile. According to the recent video they made, his favorite thing right now is shoes.

I feel like Kogyeol is one of the more quiet and shyer members of the group. He is tall and has the most beautiful soothing mellow voice ever. It's also hard for me not to take my eyes off him when he dances. In fact, he is the first one of this band that I noticed and paid attention to. And yes...his smile. Dang, but they all have the most gorgeous smiles ever! His favorite thing is coffee!

Then there is Wei. I don't even know where to start with him. He is another rapper (there are three in this group) and does the high tone rapping, though that just means he is higher then Kuhn and Bitto, not that he sings that high. LOL. He is worked his way (ha Wei) into being my favorite because of his charm, wit, charisma, confidence, smarts, sarcasm, sweetness, cheerfulness, smiley face, huge eyes, silliness, tall lankiness, and... sheesh. Everything. He kills me pretty much. His favorite thing is video games.

Bitto is another one that is bit more quiet. (This is just observing from our concert, so maybe it's more or less their English confidence? ) He is the third rapper with a voice that might even be deeper than Kuhn's. I don't know. It's a toss up. But yeah. Bass bass bass! But then when he gets freaked out he screams really high like a little kid. It's hilarious. His favorite thing is hats.

Wooshin has a sort of sad story. Right about the time we were falling in love with this band, there was some sort of  "scandal" with him, that was really nothing. But it upset him enough that he took a year off. He deals with the whole anxiety and depression issue anyway, so this thing didn't help. Thankfully, he is now back with the group, but I can tell that he sometimes still feels not all there. He seems sad and withdrawn. Sometimes. I'm sure not always. He is beautiful and is the visual of the group. I wish he would smile more often! His favorite thing is sound mixing.

Sunyoul is the cutie pie. And he has the highest voice of them all. Even higher than Jinhoo's. His voice will blow you away! Chill inducing. He's the belter and I love it! His favorite thing is macaroon cookies. You know the ones from France?

Gyujin, my daughter's favorite dude in ALL of kpop. That's saying a lot! So sweet and down to earth. I think of him as a regular kid and not a famous kpop band idol dude, you know?  His favorite thing from the recent video? Not totally sure! Bananas? Or cute stuffed animals? Lol! Bottom line, this kid is adorable.

Hwanhee is a wrecker for me. He is so sneaky in getting me to pay attention to him. He is another one with a belting kind a voice, so clear and beautiful. Not high like Jinhoo and Sunyoul necessarily, but just pure and clean and clear and strong. I love it when he sings... SO MUCH! And he too, like Kuhn, has a flirty thing going on that is hard to ignore. Language is no barrier, believe me. Clothes are the thing that he has declared a love for.

And finally the maknae! The baby! This Xiao with the killer smile and impressive eye smile. Do you see that eye smile there? So cute. His personality fits the baby of the group to a T. He is another sweet vocalist and amazing dancer. When watching him performing, you KNOW he is having the best time of his life! His favorite thing? Ice cream.

All these names are stage names except Gyujin and I think Hwanhee. I haven't learned their "real" names yet! AH!

The video where it highlights their favorite things is this one if you are interested.  It's is taken during a photo shoot and also following them while they were in San Francisco on tour this past summer.

And one more to show the other side of them:

Can you pick out the belters? The high note dudes? The deep voiced rappers? The ones whose dancing mesmerizes you? My boy Wei there at the end? :)

I want to share ALL the Up10tion things, but I'll leave at that for this intro post. ENJOY! They are amazing!

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