Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kdrama Review: Falling in Love with Soon Jung

Drama: Falling in Love with Soon Jung (this one has a bunch of titles...the one I listed is how it's known on DramaFever where I watched it. It's on Netflix as Beating Again, but I think it's mostly known as Falling for Innocence. LOL. Whatever!)
Genre: romance drama
Starring: Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoon Hyung Min
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So there I was, right in the middle enjoying a drama called Lawless Lawyer when I get a text from Jenny saying she had started a drama on Netflix and was LOVING it and NEEDED to talk about it! And it had made her cry several times already and she was only four episodes in. And man, the characters were cute and endearing and all she wanted to do was WATCH! (Something like that, right Jenny? LOL!)

So of course I dropped the drama I was watching and started this one so we could talk. It's a little older one (like from 2015 I think?) and I hadn't heard any buzz about it and the leads I'd never heard of or seen before, so I was going in totally cold turkey.

But it was awesome and just like Jenny said. So cute and fun and emotional and everything!

This one is about a dude who is ruthless and awful and demanding and mean and all the bad things. He is the CEO of a cosmetics company and he is has just come back from the US to RULE! (I'm not even sure what his motives were, but they weren't good.) And he didn't care about anything or anyone because as we learn quickly, he will probably die in a month from a heart condition if he doesn't get a transplant donor.

Then we have our girl who is the secretary for this company. They clash right off the bat of course and she can't stand him and he is intrigued, but seemingly not in a good way. Like he is out to torment her. Meanwhile, she gets engaged to the local detective dude and all is well.

For a few minutes anyway. And this next bit is sort of a spoiler, but is basically the premise for the whole show and happens in episode two, I think... so yeah. That's your spoiler warning.

There's another guy. He's been friends with the secretary and the detective for years.. but he has issues. And the detective learns that he is responsible for a scandal that has just gone down within the company and he confronts this guy and says... turn yourself in or else.

Well. Next thing we know the detective gets run down by our dude with issues and is rushed to the hospital where he dies.... sad. At the same time, our ruthless CEO dude collapses from heart failure and is rushed to the hospital.... and ends up getting the heart transplant he needs... from the detective dude. And he doesn't die.

Yeah. So when he wakes up, he starts changing. And he is drawn to the secretary and she to him. And things get weird and complicated.
I wasn't sure if I liked him at first, but he really grew on me!
There's a great bromance (see the dude behind) in this one too!

Many things happen after that with the company issues and changes of personalities and the TRUE mean dude (who I liked dang it!) and relationships with parents and trying to figure out what makes a person themselves... their heart? Or.... what????

I loved seeing the main guy change through the course of the show and in fact he actually becomes one of the cutest, most boyish, sweetest freaking characters I've seen! Like... he has NO filter and just... it's all out there. And he totally turns from this jerk to this sweetheart. Best thing ever.

And here's the cute second lead guy who ends up meaner than the first mean guy!
I still liked him. I mean... not his character. But, you know....

The ending... is weird. But not weird enough to make me not like the show overall. And still satisfying. I think these crazy endings are sometimes a kdrama trope too, along with so many other awesome things. LOL!

It was fun to watch as a little group... we ended up bringing Deanna on board too since just as I started it she was all... what should I watch next? So she watched with us also. Very fun.

Here's a really short trailer:

The music didn't really stand out to me in this drama, and yet... there are a couple of songs that will bring back all the feels. Here's the main one I think:

And now we wait to see if this sticks with Jenny and she watches more! :)


  1. Yep. Sounds about right. I’m totally going to keep watching. I’m just worried about which ones will stick with me and keep me wanting to watch.

    1. We will approach cautiously... until you are fully in! LOL!

  2. I think the time leap at the end without telling us what's happening in between is just dumb, it's like they didn't even know what should happen. I think he shouldn't even have to need another heart, they should have just make him get better and then they got together. but I suppose it would be weird for her to be in a relationship with someone who have her boyfriend's heart but the very very end where they're sitting on the stairwell is so so sweet.

    have a lovely day.

    1. AGREED! So totally not needed. It was just to fake us all out. BLARGH!

  3. This drama is actually the first drama that I ever watched and I also watched it on Netflix so it also took me awhile to figure out that the title is suppose to be Falling for Innocence(although I think that there might be some word play going on that gets lost in translation that has to do with the name Soon jung and innocence/purity) rather than Beating Again I've since learned that Netflix has a habit of renaming series when they pick up the series like they renamed Age of Youth - Hello My Twenties and they renamed Pretty Noona who Buys me Food - Something in the Rain.

    I think that this series is a great one to start off someone's drama watching journey because it's an enjoyable series that has a lot of the common tropes you find in dramas but it's also not so amazing that it makes all dramas that follow it feel disappointing in comparison which is something that can happen if you start off with the best dramas so I think this is a good drama because it's good but not great.

    I really love the male lead in this drama and I think his performance is the best part of the drama and his actor Jung Kyung Ho is actually my second favorite kdrama actor this drama and the neo-noir crime drama Heartless City(which he stars in along with Yoon Hyun min who played the second male lead in this drama) are the two dramas that made me become such a fan of his. I thought that the ending was a bit abrupt as well but I think this drama just wanted a time skip at the end of the series because it happens at the end of most series even though it wasn't needed at the end of this series.



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