Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kdrama Review: Longing Heart

Drama: Longing Heart (also called My First Love)

Genre: time travel romance
Starring: Lee Jung Shin, Lee Yeol Eum, Seo Ji Hoon
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I was going to give the drama watching a break... and read. But I finished my book fast, and I crave the dramas after even only a couple of days of not watching one, so I caved and decided to watch this one because it's so short... only 10 episodes. And the episodes are short too, like only 45 min long. And besides it's been on my radar since last year when it aired.

This one is about a dude who has pined for his high school crush for ten years. And is so sad that nothing everncame of this love he had. And is still baffled after all this time why she just up and disappeared after high school without a word and never came back.

But she suddenly appears in his current life and he tries to approach her. But she is cold and brash and mean and basically drops him flat. So sad. He feels like something is up and he is determined to figure it out.

That's when something happens and he finds himself suddenly 10 years in the past when he was in high school. Only wait. He is his current present day self, gone back in time. And so he is a teacher now to his friends, this girl he loves... and himself... from 2007.

It's trippy.

He's determined to figure out what happened and to change things up a bit so that he can be with this girl.. either now... or in the future. But the minute he gets there, he has already messed things up and dang it, but the girl now has a massive crush him, the teacher, and not him, the student. What to do??

It's great! There are like three parts to this drama. The first few episodes are in the past in 2007 with both our dudes there, both the student main lead and the teacher main lead. Then we come back to the present day 2017, with BOTH our guys again... the student AND the teacher! And then we have the episodes were the guys are both finally back to the proper times, but their memories are so messed up because of the events that have now happened that they don't know what time what happened!

Anyway, our lovely student boy (dang I loved him!) thinks he has it all figured out and he is sure he is going to fix things so his future self will be happy once and for all!
Our two boys! Their banter is the best!

Okay, so my favorite part of this drama was the banter between these two leads. The student character and the teacher character.. because they are the same character, but not really! It's awesome! And they banter like frenemies and big and little brothers or best buds forever. A great bromance drama. And we all love bromance dramas.

The other thing I liked was the mother son relationship. Man, these dramas like to play that up. There are great daughter dad ones, and some mother daughter ones... I can't think of good son dad ones because usually those ones are toxic. But the mom son ones really get to me and this one was no exception. So good.

The romance was fun but frustrating because the girl was so confused as to who she was in love with, as you can imagine! LOL! And even though it's a short drama, it seemed like it took forever for her to finally figure it out!
A love triangle with yourself. Awesome!

Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot. Time travel stories are always fun, but they do totally mess with your mind!

(This one reminded me a bit of Back to the Future in parts and I about died when at one point the character was watching Back to the Future on TV! LOL! So funny!)

The teacher dude was played by a guy from the band CNBLUE (those guys seem to get around!) and I've seen him in something else but it took me nearly the whole drama to realize it was him. The kid was someone new I haven't seen before and is so freaking cute. I hope to see him around in more.

Here's a trailer:

And this song sung by IMFACT, a band we discovered this year when we saw them at KCON. Awesome!


  1. pooor girl! Well sounds kinda fun and light hearted, comparing with the ultra sad Goblin

    1. Much lighter than Goblin, but actually doesn't even compare to Goblin in the scope of all the things! It is light, but as is the case with all dramas, it has its moments of deep stuff and hard stuff too.

  2. Sounds maybe a bit too fluffy for me but you’ll be happy to know I’m watching a drama right now. So far so good.

    1. Wait, you are going to drop that and not say which one? WHICH ONE????

    2. Ha ha! I couldn’t remember the name. It’s Beating Again.

  3. I just recently finished this kdrama! I had originally seen Jung Shin in Cinderella and Four Knights and loved him in it. When I searched for him I ended up finding this one and LOVED IT!! I'm just delving into the Kdrama world and I'd love any recommendations if you have them.



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