Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Movie: Crazy Rich Asians
Genre: Romantic comedy
Starring: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh
Rating: two thumbs up

Oh my word but this movie has made a big splash! Why do you think that is? I mean, seriously... why?

My guesses:

The story? The fact that it's a fun romantic-ish (not really about the romance since they are already together pre beginning of the movie but still) comedy about a crazy family with a likable couple and funny crazy quirky side characters that make you laugh a lot. Yeah?

Relate-able? The fact that lots of interesting but simply points are made about relationships and family and friends that we can all understand. Easy to connect to the characters and such. Yeah?

The Asian aspect? I mean it's not just me, right? Lots of people are making a big deal about the fact that the cast is all Asian, right? And that it deals with some interesting Asian cultural things that the rest of us in the world find fun to learn about, and can relate to our own cultures. And everyone thinks this is a cool thing? Yeah?

What else?

I want to say something like... THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY FOR YEARS NOW.. .but I guess I won't because... obnoxious.  LOL! But seriously... all the reasons? Yes.

So quick summary for those interested: There's this couple who has been dating for awhile now. She is American Chinese  (born and raised in America... mom is from China) and he is from Singapore but has been living in New York for quite some time. Also, was mostly raised in England I think. Anyway, he decides it's time to show off to his family. What she doesn't know... until she gets there anyway, is that his family is CRAZY RICH and pretty much owns everything in Singapore. Yeah. And his mom expects him to love and marry someone a little "higher up" than poor American Chinese status. And so the conflict comes when she decides to fight the system and prove that she is every bit as worthy as any crazy rich Asian is.

The quirk!

Yeah. It was a fun enjoyable movie. I wouldn't say the best movie I've ever seen... or even the best movie I've seen in a long time. I just found it... fun and enjoyable. Favorite part is for sure those crazy side characters. Also, the mother son relationship, as I always find that fascinating. The connection between the two leads felt a little weak to me... I wanted to believe their relationship more. And the end of the movie left me a little confused. But.. it was fun and enjoyable!

But I'm still really curious about what everyone else thought was awesome about it and why it's making such a wave in the movie world. Let me know if you have ideas or if you think my guesses were close or not.

Here's the trailer for those missing out on the buzz:


  1. It was fun, some moments felt slow (wedding scene), but overall it was fun. I loved the all Asian cast, but for different reasons than you.

    1. I'm curious what your reasons are! Yes it was slow in parts for sure. I can't remember which parts now, but I do remember fighting to keep my eyes open while sitting in those recliners!

  2. We saw this tonight and it was a lot of fun. Over the top but fun. As to why? No idea!



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