Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Concert Review: MONSTA X in LA August 3, 2018

A week before KCON was the Monsta X concert! So we flew there for that... came and went... and then a few days later we drove back for KCON. Yeah, it was a crazy couple of weeks. BUT, the Monsta X concert!

The only group now that I've seen twice. (Not counting like the few songs we saw of Seventeen at both KCONs now... I guess I've seen them twice now, but not full concerts.) So you could say this group is one of my favorites if not my favorite!

We had a struggle getting tickets for this one and ended up in the wrong place so even though we got the tickets, we didn't get the ones we wanted which meant we ended up with seats quite far back. Sadness.

So while that was a true disappointment to deal with it when it come right down to the day, it was still an amazing awesome concert and seeing these amazing awesome guys is just... AMAZING! LOL! And it was so fun to see the change in them over the year. Last time they were cool and had a great stage presences... but this time that was ratcheted up several notches. Their ease on stage and ability to work the crowd was EVEN BETTER than last time.

Also last time, they had an interpreter and hardly spoke any English except for I.M who knows it quite well. THIS TIME, they all spoke English very confidently and it was awesome. I love seeing them trying to learn to hard just so they can communicate better with us. They all said their ending comments in English (we are so sad to not have captured on video both I.M's and Minhyuk's thoughts) except for Jooheon who had something so important to say he wanted to make sure and say it right, and then he brought us all to tears with his words. Gah. They killed us in the end there!

They cracked down on video taking this year, but we still snuck in a bit. However, for the most part, we just put the phones away and enjoyed. But here's our vlog of the experience and a few pictures:

One of the best things about concerts is meeting up with people we've befriended from other events or talked to online, and meeting new friends, and finding people who love our channel! It's so fun! Dang but I wish that LA was closer. Or that kpop groups would decide that oh, lets say, Salt Lake, would be a great city to try! :)

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  1. Looks like another fun time. I loved seeing all the pictures on Instagram when you guys were there. You all look like you’re having a blast.



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