Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Let's Dance!

AH! I can't believe almost forgot about sharing music today, because, you KNOW I've got music to share! Oh my word. I can't even tell you about how much fun this week has been discovering music that I can't get enough of and all of it makes me want to dance. All of it. How am I going to choose one to share?

I can't!!

So I will share a few and here's hoping you actually click and listen. Because if you don't, what fun is that? NOT FUN AT ALL!

Okay, as you know, kpop as taken over my world. I absolutely love it and can't seem to get enough. Why? Because... it makes me want to dance.  It makes me happy. It's bright and fun and upbeat. Here's a couple "new to me" songs (aka. not Super Junior songs) that I have loved this week, songs that make me want to dance like no one's business:

This one called Fantastic Baby by BigBang:
(the lyric version highlighting the singers)

This one is RingDingDong by SHINee... the music video version which will show you their dance:

And one more that makes me want to dance! Here's Speed with Don't Tease Me. Be sure to watch the move they have at 2:30 in. Sheesh.

But, it's not just kpop that I love to dance to. How about a song from my Zumba life: Suavemente

And I tried to find one I loved to dance to from the pre-kpop days (wow it feels like forever ago, but has only been a few months) and came up with this one. Sadly, it's still a weird song, but such a fun one. I've been to see these guys (Blue Man Group) live and they MAKE you get up and dance during this song, the finale of their show. So much fun!! Anyway, here is just the song (and lyrics) so it can be a good quality version which will hopefully make you want to get up and dance:

So, did you actually listen to any of them? Did they make you want to dance... or not?

What do you like to dance to? Share in a post and come link up over at Bookish Things and More!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! WHAT A HARD PROMPT! I love all of those! I would have had to add more!!!! And I do love Shake Your Euphemism! So great!!!

  2. Ha ha ha! I was listening to the first song and this is Corey's response after I told him I was listening to something from your blog, "Is this Psi?" I told him no. "Is it Korean?" I said yes. He rolled his eyes. I don't think we're going to convince him.

    I like the sound of the first one especially. But, I really like electronic music. I listened to them all and they were fun. I didn't want to dance, though. But, that's just me, lol.

    The guy with the pink hair in the third video looks so much like a girl. I can't get over it.

    1. Jenni: Well, at any rate, I'm glad you at least listened!!! And Corey is not the one I'm trying to convince... and I'm OFFENDED he thought this was Psy.. ugh ugh ugh! :) (First order in convincing people to like Kpop... not all Kpop is Psy!) As for the dude that looks like a girl, yeah, that happens a lot. Some of them have such baby faces. Here's a picture where he's much more boyish... I wish I could past it in here, but alas:

    2. Ah! I love Sungmin!!! He is SO not girly! Oh my, I might have to do a post on him... That guy is brave and so athletic... AND I can't figure out how Psy made it over here in America but none of these other groups did, because seriously, not only are they all better looking, they are better singers, dancers, and actors... everything!!!! but that's just my opinion I guess...



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