Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Favorite Things of 2014

I started the My Favorite Things posts a few years ago and now I look forward to doing them every year. It's so very fun to look back over the year and figure out what new (or new to me) things I discovered, enjoyed, and loved.

I've tried doing this for years, but finally got the true
bug for it this year. Love it!

I went for the first time finally and am
now addicted!
Speaking of addicted!
I marathon watched this last spring on
Netflix to catch up and now I can join
the rest of the fanatic world.

My most recent TV addiction. Love this show!

I've been a fit bit wearing for a couple of months
and can see how challenging each
other really does make you get up and walk more!
My new desk!

The book writing program that I'm still learning how to use.
Speaking of writing books,
sometimes they cause you to have really weird obsessions that
make life even that more interesting.
Like Skinwalkers for instance!
I have to buy these every time I go to Costco.
Then the family inhales them.

Loved this song.
But more on songs for another post!
That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there's something I'll remember that I wish I'd included, but for now, I think it's a fun list!

What things did you love this past year?


  1. Ooh I still haven't gotten onto The Walking Dead yet - looks like I might be binge watching it over the holidays!

    Tanya Patrice

  2. we have been watching the Flash and kids love it. Also I love chocolate pretzels more this year.

  3. So that's what a Skinwalker looks like!

    I need to marathon watch The Walking Dead too. Maybe I'll get the chance over the holidays!

    1. Belle: LOL, well, what one artist thinks they look like anyway! :) Let me know if you do manage some Walking Dead for your holiday viewing pleasure!

  4. I don't know how you remember everything. I can't think of anything I got turned on to this year, except snowflake cutting and that's because it's recent.

    1. Jenni: I only remember some things and some of them are a pretty big stretch!

  5. I like your thought about the Skinwalker and how writing makes us obsessed about strange things. I had a friend who read all about glass making for a book she was working on! Downton Abbey is my latest crush, along with The Flash and Gotham, which my whole family is really enjoying.

    1. Susan: If you're watching The Flash, you should be watching Arrow too. Did you enjoy the mash up episodes? Awesome!

  6. Mmm ... now I have a craving for tortilla chips! Ha ha ... I'm so glad I have some in the basement ... ;)

  7. Fun post!

    My wife got a FitBit recently and is loving it. I may need to get one for myself for next year as it is a convenient way to track daily movement...or lack thereof!

  8. Oh great, another thing I'll know have to buy every time I go to Costco! Although I'm really disappointed that they reduced their book selection so much.



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