Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book Review Discussion: Something About Love by Elana Johnson

Book: Something About Love by Elana Johnson
Genre: YA Romance (in verse)
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★
For: Fun, Support Local Authors
From: Amazon Kindle

Short Synopsis: Olivia is struggling. There's a guy she likes, but she has banned herself from him and aligned with another. Slowly but surely ,we get the back story and why she's done this. It has to do with her mom. Olivia overcomes this issue by entering a photo contest, bring back her love of photography and taking pictures of those she loves.

My Response: I loved this! It was just what I needed. Short, simple, sweet, romantic and thoughtful. I pretty much inhaled it! I'm so glad I stumbled upon a tweet that announced it was free on Kindle whereupon I promptly "bought" it. Take a look, maybe it's still free. I have no idea. But I hear there's another "in verse" book this author wrote that's supposedly even better. I'll be reading it too.

Bottom Line: Perfect! I loved it!

Let's Talk About: Books in verse. What does that mean to you?  I find that they are pretty much "normal" books just written in a poem form and using short simple sentences and much less words than a regular book. Some may be turned off by a book "in verse" but it's not at all like reading poetry where poetry means a poem that is vague and hard to understand. In fact, books written like this are very very easy to get into and understand because all the drivel is left out. Know what I mean? I usually end up loving the crap out of them. What's your take on books in verse?

Other Reviews:

So, within Something to Love, Livvy was finding herself again, and her story was told beautifully. From What's Beyond Forks


  1. So, I'm interested to read a book in verse now because I thought it was like reading a book in a poem form and it's interesting to find that it's not. I like the drivel so I'm not sure what I'll think.

  2. Her verse books really need to be made into actual books!



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