Friday, December 5, 2014

Movie Review: The Giver

Movie: The Giver
Genre: Drama/Dystopian
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Brenten Thwaites (as Jonas)
Rating: PG-13
My Rating: Two thumbs up

I wanted to see this one while it was in the theater, but it didn't happen so the other day we finally managed to rent it. And I must say, I was pretty impressed with how it looked! There's much from the book that I don't remember so I can't tell you if it stays true to the book or not, but I do feel it stayed true to the feeling of the book at least.

In this movie version, we have Jonas who is chosen to be the next Receiver, in other words, he will spend time with The Giver and receive memories from the past so that the world's history will not be entirely forgotten. Everyone else knows nothing about things that have gone on before, except for The Giver and the one chosen to receive the memories.

Receiving memories.

So Jonas begins to learn about things like color, and animals, and love and family, and death and war. It's quite eye opening as you can imagine and before long, he can't stand it anymore and must do something to make a change. Or specifically, save a baby that he's grown to love.

Saving the baby.

I love how the movie is in black and white at first and color is slowly added as Jonas starts to perceive it. I love how Jeff Bridges portrays The Giver. He's awesome as he is in pretty much anything he does. Meryl Streep is pretty great as the scary and unemotional leader of the community. And this kid, who I've never heard of, does a great job as Jonas, though of course he's a bit older than I imagined Jonas to be (aren't they all that way in the movies though?)

Cool posters playing up the black and white/color thing!

Anyway, I was pleased! For me, it enhanced the book and like the book, gives you a lot to think about regarding our humanity. I really should re-read it some day.

The trailer if you are interested:


  1. My daughter loved this movie too, and now she is reading the book. I enjoyed seeing this movie from black and white to color too.

  2. I need to see this still. My parents bought it, so maybe I'll borrow it.

  3. I'll be reading this with my younger son for the Battle of the Books project he's in. It's been a while since I last read it, so I'm looking forward to it. Now I'm thinking maybe we'll watch the movie after we read it!

    1. Belle: Hopefully the differences won't bother you too much if you read and watch so close together!

  4. I just saw it too and was surprised by how much I liked it!

  5. How did Taylor Swift do? I was a little surprised at that casting. I still need to read the book. I'm so behind!

    1. Jenni: She just sat at the piano and played and sang a little ditty. She didn't really do much acting. A little. I didn't realize it was her until afterward. Funny!

  6. I thought it was a great movie. It really made me appreciate my blessings. It was very well done.



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