Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Airing Grievances for Festivus

Ever since I learned about this "anti" holiday celebration, I've enjoyed using it for a fun blog post idea in which I let loose and gripe all I want. So are you ready for the 2014 edition of rants and gripes?

So here's what I really hate:

** no snow for Christmas
** itchy ears
** when the engine light comes on in a car
** kids who grow up too fast
** dealing with cat litter
** dead watch batteries
** dead anything batteries
** being rushed through an author's signing line
** aching bones
** mopping the floor
** broken technology
** going to the dentist
** fighting for seats at an event
** pantry moths
** blogging slumps
** moldy cheese
** drops of milk left in the carton and put back in the fridge
** handfuls of cereal left in the box and put back in the pantry

... and many many other things! But I'll stop there for now.

You turn! Air some grievances today!


  1. kids and presents
    family sometimes
    church callings
    bigger home
    looking for a better job

  2. That dang cat litter!!

    no job
    finding time for family on the holiday
    trying to get in more reading
    getting gas
    grocery shopping

  3. I love this idea!! Here's a few of mine -

    - feeling guilty about not taking enough time off from work
    - working too far from home so my commute takes about an hour each way
    - having to work at all when I just want to do creative stuff all day
    - not winning the lottery

  4. Oh I hate cat litter. Every part of it is annoying.

  5. Lol! My hubby's been talking about Festivus all month but we told him he airs his grievances enough all ready so we were only going to let him participate in feats of strength.



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