Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E8 Coda (Spoilers!)

So, once again, The Walking Dead is over for awhile and now we wait again for MONTHS to see what happens next! And what a note to leave us on, yes? Were you weepy? I was weepy. Not necessary for Beth, but for Daryl and for Maggie. Their reactions made me quite weepy.

I was expecting this Beth thing to happen simply because only about an hour before we watched the show, my family was sitting around shooting the breeze (and putting up the tree) when SOMEONE (I won't name names!) looked at their phone, (it wasn't me btw)  screamed and said... "BETH? NO!!!" I was like... "PUT YOUR FREAKING PHONE AWAY!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!"

But the damage was done, so I was expecting it. Still.

What an image. 

For the most part, though, didn't you think this was a pretty slow moving episode? I was like, come on guys, bust in there and get them! What are you waiting for! I guess the bit with Gabriel escaping, then coming back and letting all the walkers into the church was a bit edge of your seat-ish.

But back at the hospital and all that talk that Dawn was doing was like..YAWN. (Ha, Dawn yawn. ) Maybe we were supposed to be feeling for her too? I don't know. It didn't work. The whole sitting on the edge of the elevator shaft made me nervous though. And then she went and got herself killed anyway. Sigh.

Well, so. Another one bites the dust. How do you feel? Does this make you crazy? Or are you all, eh, whatever, it's The Walking Dead for Pete's sake!?

Okay. Well, enough of that. On to February.


  1. I was very weepy, especially at Rick's, Daryl's, and Maggie's reactions. I love that Rick gave her a hug just before the whole thing went down. And, I was nervous the whole time because I knew someone got killed. I just didn't know who. I was guessing it would either be Beth, Carl, or Michonne. It was a hard episode.

  2. I was was totally spoiled by Twitter and completely mad at myself about it. Daryl's reaction was so sad though.

  3. It was 1 am when I watched this, and I had to contain my reaction! It was HORRIBLE!!! I knew Beth was going to try something stupid with those scissors! But it took me by complete surprise!!!! Oh my gosh, Daryl's reaction kills me! And just when I was starting to really like Beth!!! It makes me so SAD!



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