Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Best Bookish Events of 2014

I love looking back over the year's bookishness and listing the best things that happened. Here's what I remember from this past year:

1. Meeting Cary Elwes, just this past month. So okay, the actual going through the line experience was frustrating but... CARY ELWES! Westley! The Princess Bride! The Man in Black! The Dread Pirate Roberts! As you wish! This is big, people! I've loved this movie from the beginning when it was in the theater! And have watched it countless times. So, it was so very cool to meet him and see him up close and personal and to fall in love all over again.

2. Celebrating ten years with my book club! We had a great time looking back over the list of books we've read.

3. Speaking of book club, having popular author, Josh Hanagarne of The World's Strongest Librarian, join us live and in person for book club in August. That was amazing and fun!

4. Adding Salt Lake Comic Con to my must-go-to conference/convention list and being one of their "official bloggers" this past year. While this is more pop culture than bookish, I did go to many a writing and bookish panel during this event. Here's hoping our comic con continues to become famous so that it attracts more and more authors.

5. Writing and writing and writing. I may not be to the level of a "real" writer yet, but I DID do a lot of writing this year, including 50,000 words toward a totally new book. That's TWO books that I'm working on now! Am I a real writer yet?

6. Speaking of writing, I started a writing group this year too. And while it fizzled in the meeting up as a face to face group, the online aspect has continued on and been quite good and fun. I look forward to making it happen again this next year.

7. I don't think I went to as many book signings/launch parties this year as in years past, but there were a few including James Dashner, Ally Condie, Brandon Sanderson, Jamie Ford, etc. But the highlight, (not counting the above mentioned Cary Elwes) was meeting Laini Taylor, who's books I had just recently devoured this year. That was awesome timing! And she was fascinating. Here's hoping she comes again. And writes another awesome set of books!

8. I've taken kids with me on many a bookish adventure, but this year I think was the first year that I had a kid that was into it all as much as I was. My youngest daughter Toto, is pretty much a mini me and she seems to enjoy all the bookish, pop culture events as much as I do. This year she was 15 and I started having her read more of my favorite YA books and she seems to be hooked. Her hope is to meet Marissa Meyer this next year.

Toto, with Kami and Jenni at the Cary Elwes event.

9. I was happy to be able to continue my hosting duties with regard to Bloggiesta and Utah Book Month this past year. Bloggiesta seems to be going strong still, but Utah Book Month needs a big push! I also helped with Armchair BEA a lot this year and it was fun! I wonder if I'll continue to add to my involvement in the wider community as the years go on? Sometimes I love it and sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm doing...

10. And finally, getting a perfect writing blogging space! A corner I've dreamed about for a long time! One good thing about kids moving out and leaving more space for doing such things.

My space on the far side, my husband's on the near with
the two monitors. I still need to add some plants
and posters/pictures and other such fun things.
Yes, it's been a great bookish year! Lots of lovely things have happened. Here's to a wonderful new year with more wonderful bookishness!


  1. I didn't realize you were writing 2 books...congratulations! That's quite an endeavor! And - I really enjoyed participating in mini bloggiesta for the first time this summer...will be back for the next one.

    1. Sarah: The next mini Bloggiesta is in just a few weeks!

  2. You have had a great year! Congrats on your progress on not one but TWO books. I am so impressed by everything you do. Here hoping you have an even more successful 2015!

    1. Michelle: Thanks and good luck to you in 2015 also!

  3. It was an amazing year! I'm glad we got share so many moments together!

    1. Kami: I can't wait to see what's in store for this coming year.

  4. Those were some awesome things that happened this year. :D I love the picture of our book club. I especially love that Sam disappears and reappears.



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