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Book Review: Turning Pages by Tristi Pinkston

Book: Turning Pages by Tristi Pinkston
Genre: Romance
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
For: Utah Book Month
From: Bought the ebook

I saw this author the other day at the library, so I went home and bought the ebook and  added to my Utah Book Month list! So this is what I read over the weekend of the big race, which was perfect, because it didn't need a whole lot of concentration on my part.

Which is to say, that yes, this is a big time fluffy read! It's about a girl who works at a library (must be a very very small town one since there's only three library employees! What?) and dreams of making that her career. Well, at the very beginning of the book, that dream seems to be ruined when some upstart dude gets hired for the position she wanted! The nerve! And now he's her boss too!

Of course this dude is drop dead gorgeous... only he's rude and mean and quite obnoxious to her! So, she doesn't like him at at all.

Until, of course, she starts to see another side of him. And there's the day that he rescues (or at least tries to rescue) her friend who is about to make the most major mistake of her life!

Hey, does this plot sound familiar yet? Of course, it's a nod to Pride and Prejudice, which I didn't realize at first  (despite the little P and P blurb on the front!) and then I was like... oh hey! It's a retelling of sorts!

So that was fun.

And the other fun thing was all the library work references that I could relate to (even if it's a small library and I work in a big one) and all the nods to so many books. That was awesome, and in fact, the book has a book list at the back so you can go and read them all.

However, despite the lightness of this book, it does deal with sad things like change, moving, the loss of a parent, and friends that make bad choices. So there's actually quite a bit to think about.

Bottom line: So basically if you enjoy fluffy Pride and Prejudice retellings within a library setting and lots of references to other books, you'll enjoy this one!

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  1. This one sounds kind of meh to me, but I do like library settings. And I know all about small libraries -- I think the one in my hometown only had ONE employee!

    1. Susan: One seriously? Orem has 100! :) Well, maybe you'll be in the mood for this one some day.

  2. I do love retellings, although I don't usually read them before having exposure to the original. I haven't read Pride and Prejudice (intimidated, and not in love with Jane Austen yet) so this might be a nice, light introduction to the story for me! And although I am not usually into romance either (is this book part of those referred to as "chick lit"?) the library setting really appeals to me. So... I think I will give this one a try! It does sound fun.

    1. Jeane: It's not very heavy on the romance... and I guess it could be considered light or mild chick lit! And the nod to P and P is pretty subtle especially if you haven't read the original yet!

  3. This sounds super fun. AND, it's a new-to-me Utah author and book. Adding it to the list...

  4. Thanks so much for your review - I really appreciate it! Sorry I didn't see it until now - for some reason, Twitter has stopped alerting me to messages. Silly software. :) Anyway, if you'd like to learn more about the Pride and Prejudice threads in Turning Pages, check out And thanks again!



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