Friday, August 30, 2013

Movie Review: Mud

Movie: Mud
Genre: Drama
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland
Rating: PG13
My Rating: Two thumbs up!

I give it two thumbs up, even though I would have to say, this movie is weird! A strange little thing, yes. I'm not sure what the whole point of the movie even was, but yeah, it was.... just... weird.

But enjoyable in its weirdness! You know the kind?

Anyway, it's basically one of those typical coming of age stories. Two boys, best friends, each with their own issues at home. They go off on an adventure one day and discover this strange guy living in a boat, in a tree, on an island!

Turns out, this guy is a bit of fugitive, and he will leave (and leave the tree boat to the boys!) if they help him. Well, of course, that gets more and more and more complicated as things go along and pretty soon the boys are pretty much in over their heads.

So this guy, Mud is his name, seems to actually be a pretty nice guy but has just found himself in a really bad situation. I wondered the whole movie if he really IS nice or if he's just full of it. Not sure I ever decided!

I love Matthew McConaughey, but they made him look pretty icky for this movie! That was kinda sad, but kinda cool too. The kids were awesome actors and Reese Ritherspoon even shows up for a couple of scenes.

Bottom line: Pretty good little flick... especially for Redboxing it!

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  1. The hubby went to this with friends (I declined because for some reason I thought this was a high tension, jump out of your seat kind of movie) and they all really enjoyed it. We'll have to rent it so I can see it now!



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