Friday, August 23, 2013

Bout of Books Reading Updates

Being a newbie at this Bout of Books thing, I'm not sure I have the hang of these daily updates. I think the idea is that I have all updates on one post and just, you know, update them all week long, yes? I'll bold the current day's update.

  • Pages Read: 80 + 16% of Dream Thieves
  • Hours Read: 1 1/2 hours + 2 hours for a total of 3 1/2 hours
  • Books Read: 1 (The Rithmatist... finished what I had started over the weekend.)
  • Thoughts: I did some line waiting today, so I had lots of extra reading time, plus I used my "waiting for kids to come home at night" time a little better than normal.
  • Pages Read: no idea, but I did read from 16% to 48%, that's lots, right?
  • Hours Read: no idea, but I did read in many different snatches that may or may not have added up to oh, about 3 or so hours.
  • Books Read: none, but I made the above pretty good progress on The Dream Thieves!
  • Thoughts: I hate keeping track of reading time. It's way too hard. And keeping track of pages read while reading a Kindle book? Can't. But, I am enjoying this sequel to the Raven Boys! These guys are crazy awesome! 
  • Pages Read: On this day I went from 48% to 88 % with The Dream Thieves. Gah! So close to finishing but not quite!
  • Hours Read: Not as many as I would have liked, or thought I would do today, but it was probably a couple of hours, maybe three.
  • Books Read: no more to add to this yet!
  • Thoughts: I got distracted and went to see City of Bones in the morning! Wow, that was a fun spontaneous event! (I'll review it soon!) And then I had much house management to do and so had to just fit in the reading here and there like usual and didn't quite get the book finished. 
  • Pages Read: From 88% to 100 % in one book, 70 pages in another book, and 20 pages in a third! Whoa!
  • Hours Read: Not as much as it would seem from the pages read above! Again, probably about 2 or so, which, it appears is my normal reading hours for the day, because it felts like I haven't revved it up really that much more than normal. 
  • Books Read: I finished The Dream Thieves! I read a big chunk of Visiting Tom, and then I also started Seers.
  • Thoughts: See above (about the reading hours.) And now the weekend begins and there's lots of stuff going on, so my "readathon" that I've been enjoying so far might dwindle down to nothing. 


  • On this day I read.... absolutely nothing! Yep. I went to work, came home, went to pick up a kid, did and errand, came home, went to pick up another kid, came home, worked on a picture project (I printed up our trip pictures, 500+ pics!) and that wiped me out, so then I had a nap, and then it was time to go to the outdoor theater where we saw SYTYCD stars and other dancers, and then when we got home it was latest, but not too late, but somehow I was SO not in the mood to read, so I just laid here waiting for all the kids to come home and then I finally slept. And so, I read nothing. In fact I'm not sure I even got on the computer either. What a day.




  1. I ended up deciding to just update my goals post with updates for every day to keep it all on one post. This works great too. You managed to get in a good chunk of reading time yesterday - yay!

  2. Great job yesterday! I did not do so well thanks to some unexpected obstacles -- a sick girl and an electrical problem! :( I'm hoping today is much better!

    I decided to just post one update this week about half-way through the event. Now, I'm wondering if I should post the daily details like this???

  3. You did great, Suey! I like having my updates all in one post. Just makes it easy and doesn't clutter up the blog.

    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  4. Woo hoo! You're doing great so far! I started with The Dream Thieves too! Still processing what I thought of it...

  5. Awesome job! I love Bout of Books because it gets me caught up on things :)

  6. You're doing great! I don't like keeping track of my reading time either. The fact that you're gushing over The Dream Thieves make me want to read The Raven Boys.



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