Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Book: Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Genre: YA Paranormal
Rating: A
For: Book Blog Tour (book comes out on January 24th)
From: An ARC passed from blogger to blogger for the tour

I've been one of those bloggers who have been waiting a long time to read a Brodi Ashton book. I've been paying attention as she went through all the ups and downs of getting published these past couple of years, cheering her on from the sidelines and so it's been quite the reward to finally be able to read this, her first book, and now to finally be able to tell you about it!

This is story based on the myth about Persephone, a myth I'm not at all familiar with so I can't tell you if it mirrors the original much or not, but here's a little summary. It starts out with Nikki waking up from something called The Feed where she has been attached is some sort of way to this immortal guy named Cole. Once awake, she has a choice to stay with him in the Everneath, or to return to her family. She chooses to return because there's a face in her memory that she simple cannot forget.

It turns out this face belongs to her boyfriend Jack. When she comes back, however, all is different between them and she is so changed that it's hard for her to figure out how to deal with it. She also has a strained relationship with her dad too that needs fixing. But she only has six months until she has to go back, and what she has to go back is not pretty.

Meanwhile, Cole shows up and causes her all kinds of stress because she is torn and because he lets her know she still has a time to change her mind. Ugh! It's all so complicated! If she does one thing, this bad thing will happen, and if she does the other, this other bad thing will happen! And Cole is an absolute lovely bad guy, and  Jack is an awesome cool good one.

I truly did love this emotionally charged story. Lots of delicious drama and heart wrenching issues. The whole supernatural element was especially unique which was refreshing in this paranormal saturated book world. A very easy to read, page turning book. Way to go Brodi! :)

Bottom line: I loved it!

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  1. i just got an arc in the mail, so i'm reading this one today!

    here's my review of A MILLION SUNS. stop by?!?!

  2. Great review! :) Thanks for linking to my mini review. I can't wait to post my full one.

    I'm glad you loved the book. I did too. I can't wait until it comes out. I'm anticipating it big time! :)

  3. Yeah, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can not wait for this book!!!

  4. Sounds interesting; I'll have to read this one.

  5. I've been saving this one for a little while now, but I'm seriously thinking I just need to read it already!

  6. I'm jealous of all of you that have read it already!

  7. I love the cover of this book. And now, I am very intrigued by the story. I have to get my hands on this book.



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