Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Happy Fall Back Day!

Outside my window: Dark on this Saturday night... and very cold! Yes, winter arrived this week. Some places nearby had snow, but we didn't quite get any here.... yet.

I am listening to: Merlin is on as I type this. I think it's an episode I saw already last year on the actual TV at it's actual normal time.

Song of the week: So my son keeps showing me new and interesting songs. This week, this one has been quite stuck in my head, and it's quite appropriate given what's coming up for me this week! :) Anyway, it's quite different and I'd love to know what you think. It's called Growing Old is Getting Old by Silversun Pickups

TV Talk: I must say Survivor and Ozzy's big play followed by Cochran's big play was all quite fascinating. I would say I'm quite firmly with Cochran now. I hope he can figure out how to deal with it all!

I am reading: The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan, and The Death Cure by James Dashner
Books I've Finished: I finished nothing this week.
Books I want to start: I better get going on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn soon if I want to have it refreshed in my mind for book club.

I am thinking: that falling back is good but getting darker earlier is not so good.

I am grateful for: cultural experiences such as plays, and concerts and such. I really love going to these things and this past week, I was able to enjoy several different outings.

What I learned this week:  It's time to sign up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap! Go here to sign up! It's really fun. The deadline for signing up is this Friday, so don't miss it!

Recipe of the Week: Twice this week I made these Pumpkin Snickerdoodles found on Pinterest. So easy and so very good. It's a very soft cookie if that's the sort of thing you enjoy:

Favorite things of the week: Getting another tweet in the middle of the night from Markus Zusak! Yes, I mentioned him again on Twitter, said nice things of course, so he said thanks back. It amazes me how good he is to respond.

Family matters: One college kid quit his job and is now home a lot more, trying to figure out what to do with himself next semester both school and job-wise. The other college kid comes home to watch Vampire Diaries with me! And asks me how to make donuts and lasagna. Kid #3 has become zombie happy thanks to some video game. And finally, the 7th grader came home from school the other day with three awards in hand! Way to go!

Things discussed around the house: We seem to be suddenly talking politics at our house this week. That's because on Tuesday there's an election for new city council members. When have I ever been very concerned about city council members? Well, this time things are different around here. The library hopes to add a really nice and much needed auditorium addition, and the current city council has approved it and things are going forward. But of course there's some people who think this is a bad idea, but they have such wrong information, it's scary. There's one city council member candidate who is very "in your face" spreading the wrong information and stirring up all sorts of negative things about this library addition. It's making us crazy!

Things I hope to accomplish: This next week I hope to spend most of my Saturday at the Teen Book Festival at the library where I'll be listening to Ally Condie, Robison Wells, Kristen Landon and Elana Johnson. I also hope to start thinking about Christmas, whether I want to or not.

The Blog Report: Lots happened on the blog this week. I wrapped RIP VI, I discussed vampires,  I have a giveaway going on (ends this Friday, be sure to enter!) I reviewed a bunch of stuff, I listed books... just to name a few things.


  1. Yea, your county has a lot on the docket for this election. I know more about what's going on down there than I do in my own county! :) I need to start doing my homework.

  2. I need to get reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I haven't read anything for three days and I'm starting to freak!

    Those cookies look really good!

    I'm so confused about this library thing. I hate that!

  3. my husband listens to Silversun Pickups but I haven't much, may have to adjust this.

    thanks for the heads-up about the swap!

    those cookies look and sound so yummy!

    yay!--about the tweet.

    hope your son finds something great! and wonderful (and encouraging) that you've one coming home to spend time, while another turned zombie. N has her eye on a game and I figure the results will be much the same.. and congrats to your award-winner!


  4. Soft pumpkin snickerdoodles? Sounds divine. Must. Make. Now.



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