Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Bookish Stuff... Again

Some bookish things on my mind....

** So...the other day I went to yet another library event where Dan Wells came to talk teens. The problem was, only about three teens showed up. Also a few older "kids" and then a bunch of library staff. People! Where were you??? But it was okay, because those of us that were there had a blast hearing how this crazy funny author came to write a book about a sociopathic kid named John Wayne Cleaver in a book called I Am Not A Serial Killer. And we learned his take on the steps a book takes to get published. We learned how John Wayne Cleaver took over and is now so important that he will have another series sometime down the road. We also learned there's a movie that is perhaps really going to happen. They even have the kid picked out to play this main part.... but alas, he couldn't tell us who. :( We also learned about all the other projects Dan Wells has up his sleeves, not to mention a new series that comes out in February. (Partials is the name of the first one.) Anyway, it was very fun and the hour flew by. Come see him next time he is somewhere you are!

** So... I bought Inheritance today at Costco! Sadly, I guess it won't be getting signed.

** So... there's a Teen Book Fest at the other library this weekend.  I'm very excited to go and support the event and say hi to the four awesome authors that will be there, including Ally Condie who is the keynote. Yeah! Fun!

** So... someone (Holly, Allison and Angie to be specific) was talking on Twitter today about a Robin Hood book... Scarlet I think? And of course I was eavesdropping! They said they loved it! So I looked it up and it's NOT EVEN OUT YET!! Argh people. Stop that. Now I'm in the mood for Robin Hood and so must find a book that IS out and read it. (Oh and hey look, Angie reviewed it today.)

** So... other Twitter-ness making me crazy is Emily watching North and South and tweeting at the same time.... all that swooning going on. I'm thinking it's time for a rewatch of this movie? Yes?

** So... if I want to request an ARC and they say you must fax the request on company letterhead.... do I make up letterhead for my blog? Have you people done this? I need to get the hang of this requesting ARC thing so I can get the "cool" books that I'm really wanting.

** So.... anyone know why my LinkWithin thing isn't working anymore? I mean, I thought it was supposed to suggest related posts.. and lately, the posts it's suggesting aren't even near cousins! Sheesh.

** So... I think that's it for a minute here. I know there was more I wanted to ponder on, but I can't remember them now. I need to read. I need another readathon. I need Netflix to not be so distracting... and... and... so many other things.

'Till next time!


  1. Scarlet is definitely worth waiting for, promise ;)

    (although you can read it now via NetGalley if you so choose)

  2. Sorry, lady! As Allison said, it is available on NetGalley . . . Alas, I have no restraint when it comes to Robin Hood books.

  3. Wait, Scarlet is on Netgalley? Why did I think that this book came out last year?

    As far as the letterhead thing. I've found that in every publishing house there is someone you can email. You just have to dig deep. I don't use letterhead.

    And anytime is a good time to rewatch North and South. I loved it!

  4. North and South is sooooo good. I think a yearly viewing is in order, for certain.

    I just went to NetGalley. I remember seeing the title, Scarlet but now I am very much intrigued. I just put in my request. I may get denied.

  5. I was itching to rewatch N&S too! Darn that swoon-worthy Armitage. I've got my sis-in-law taking some books to the festival to get signed for me. It's like I can't stop trying to get to those Utah signings :)

  6. I'm so sad I didn't get to go to the Dan Wells thing. A movie would be very exciting, I am so there!

    I just read Angie's review of Scarlet and thought it sounded awesome too. I want to get my hands on it.

    Ah, North and South...or should I just say, "ah Richard Armitage"? ;)

    LinkWithin sometimes suggests related posts but most of the time I just roll my eyes at it.

  7. Yeah, LinkWithin has been bothering me lately. It never suggest anything remotely related to what the post is about. It seems a bit pointless!

  8. I want to read SCARLET. Just waiting to hear back from Netgalley.

    I've never heard about the company letterhead. I guess you can make blog letterhead and use that?

    OH, that North and South image is great. Sigh. I need a rewatch too.

  9. Company letterhead? I've never had a publisher ask me to do that and I receive/request hundreds of books a year. Usually, your blog URL is enough. Weird. I say make some letterhead on your computer - might come in handy, anyway.

  10. Ooh. Thank you! I was in the mood for a new book. Off to download Scarlet on Netgalley. See you Thursday!



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