Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Not a Bad Week.. not bad at all.

Outside my window: We got snow last night, and it's still there this Saturday evening, nice and crunchy. It's very cold out there!

I am listening to: Enrique singing I Have Always Loved You. Sweet song. I am anxious to listen to my new Michael Buble Christmas CD though. Waiting just one more week! Just a few more days actually!

Song of the week: Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson... the band jamming son played this at gig this week (on the drums) and to prepare he played this original over and over again, which I didn't mind at all

TV Talk: All caught up with Once Upon a Time. Really enjoying it. Finished Merlin season three, got weepy when he (Arthur) finally formed the round table and when Merlin finally stuck the sword in the stone. LOVE this show. Sad, now, to have to wait for another season.

Reading Report
Books I've finished: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (a blitz of a day or two!)
Books I've started: Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (shouldn't take long if I can sit long enough)
Books I'm still reading: A Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan (several more chapters down!)
Books I want to start: All the same ones as last week! Inheritance tops the list now though.

I am thinking: that I must be in reading sort of slump. Also, that it can't be past mid-November, really? And... is it weird that I just created a cowboy board on Pinterest? What is up with THAT?

I am grateful for: lots and lots of things. I'll list some for you this coming week.

Happy Thoughts: Snow! Vacation! Food! Christopher Paolini tickets!

What I learned this week: it will make your arms sore if you carry two bags of Kneaders food (holding soup and bread bowls) while balancing a bread platter between them, all the way from your car, into the library, down the stairs and to the meeting were people are waiting for their food.

Around the house: I bought some Christmas lights today. Thought about getting someone to go on the roof to put them up... but then realized there was snow up there. That makes things just a bit too scary, know what I mean?

Recipe of the Week: I didn't make anything different and interesting this week, sadly. It was a depressing food week... except for the jello I made for book club which was really quite refreshing.

Favorite things of the week: Book Club! Though it was a small showing... and that for one of the most well-loved books of time! But oh, well. I guess life has been too busy this week for people. Another favorite thing was going to a fundraiser for the library's Center for Story and having a bidding war on a Las Vegas getaway with a co-worker (she won) and hearing the best storyteller ever (Donald Davis) tell us some wonderful stories. Very fun.

Family Matters: Not much new with the kids and family this week. Status quo. Hanging in there... plugging along. Last night all kids were sleeping at home. That was nice. All present and accounted for.

Things we discussed at home this week: College son wrote a paper on how he thinks the country has their priorities screwed up because athletes get paid so much more than teachers. I read this paper over and over and over again in my attempt to help edit.

Things I hope to accomplish this week: Thanksgiving! My assignment? Fruit salad, stuffed celery and pie of my choice. Thinking about Breaking Dawn too. Maybe the sisters will go with me? Hmmm... need to think of something else fun to do with the kids. Maybe the tree next Sunday? Lights up? Even some shopping? Wow, I can't believe it's really time....

The Blog Report: I reported on my library day last weekend, I gave you some fun links, Brodi Ashton picked five books that are important to her, and I shared my TBR shelf... again.


  1. Thanks again for getting those tickets! It's going to take awhile for me to not feel guilty.

    I had a blast at book club this week, small group or not!

    K, stuffed celery???? I thought you hated celery? I don't, though, and I want to know what it is. ;)

  2. Don't feel guilty sheesh. Haven't you already got tickets for me too? If not, I'm sure you will in the future!

    Yes, I will not be eating the celery, that's for sure. But the kids seem to like it. You know.. celery sticks with peanut butter and cheese whiz on them? Stuffed. Yuck.



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