Friday, November 4, 2011

The Iron Knight Blog Tour and Giveaway

Today I welcome Julie Kagawa, author of the Iron Fey series, to my blog!  I so wish I could have found time to catch up with the series so I could review this fourth book, The Iron Knight, as part of the blog tour. But alas, that will have to come later! Just know that I totally enjoyed the first book, and have plans get them all read in the very near future and I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of questions Julie is answering as part of this whirlwind blog tour:

1. Considering his often-mentioned icy demeanor, was it hard for you to switch from Meghan’s perspective to Ash’s in writing The Iron Knight?

It was different. I know Meghan; I know her voice, her personality, her character. It was harder writing Ash, because if you know the Winter prince at all, you know he isn’t very chatty. Some days I’d be sitting at my keyboard, yelling “Will you TALK already!” at him. So I’d say it was different, and a little more difficult, but I finally got him to open up in the end.

My response: Cool. I really look forward to a book from Ash's view. I love books from the guy's point view anyway. They usually think some pretty interesting things!

2. You’ve written a few novellas in the series. Which do you find harder to write, the short stories or the full novels and why?

They’re both challenging for different reasons. The full novels, by virtue of their length, take a lot of time to plan out, plot, and write. But strangely, it’s the lack of length in a short story that makes it harder to write; you don’t have a lot of time to get what you need done. I don’t really have a favorite of the two, though the novellas are a little less work overall.

My response: I'd forgotten about these novellas. I will have to add them to the pile!

3. You are an admitted gamer. If approached, would you prefer a movie version or a gaming version of your Iron Fey series?

As much as I love gaming, I would have to say movie. (Because if the movie is a success they’ll make a game anyway, right?)

My response: Ah a movie! We love movies! I hope it happens. Now... I wonder who'll play Ash? Hmmm.....


Hey everyone! I don't do giveaways much, but today I am! The publishers are giving me one copy of The Iron Knight to give away to one of my lucky readers (from the US or Canada.) To enter, simply fill out the form below with name and email address. I will draw a random winner and announce it next Friday, Nov. 11. 

Comments are not necessary to enter, but I'd love to know... have you read this series and what do you think? Team Ash or Puck? So do say hi and let me know where you stand! :)


  1. Well, I haven't even read the first one so you've got me there. I'm thinking I'm going to like Ash better than Puck, though. Now I'm itching to get going on this series!

  2. Jenny: I don't know... you may end up on Puck's team given your past preferences. Though Ash is pretty dang cool.

  3. Hi! Found your contest from Twitter. What a great giveaway!

    I'm definitely Team Puck, but I'm just a fan of those sarcastic, quippy guys. Ash is too serious for me.


  4. Ash is fun to drool over, especially as a knight, but I must say I am personally apart of Team Puck. He's just so funny!

  5. I love her books so good I look forward to reading this one I love Ash and Puck!

  6. Ash is smokin' hot (in an icy kind of way). The whole series is really good and I can't wait to read Iron Knight. These books are amazeballs!!!

  7. I do love Puck but I am definitely team Ash. This is one of my favorite series. It is pretty rare that I care about what happens to all the characters but in the Iron series I really do care about them all. :)


  8. I am Puck all the way. Ash, the icy prince? Not so much. Give me a warm and funny guy every time.



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