Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Getting Old... or Not

Awhile back while at a book signing thing with a bunch of other bloggers, I suddenly looked around and realized how freaking old I am! It took me back a minute! That's because I totally FEEL not old, (well except for the occasional ache and pain and the whole how-did-I-get-so-fat thing)  but then when I realized how much older I am than most of these other book fanatics I hang with now and then, I wondered if they think, what the heck? Who invited this middle-aged lady to our party??? Know what I mean?

But for the most part people seem sincerely thunderstruck when they do find out how old I am. I laugh at this because I don't know how to take it! Does this mean I look and act young-ish? Or does this mean I look and act immature? Because we wouldn't want that now would we...

So, as the weekend approaches and I have to add yet another year to my age tally marks, I'm pondering getting old.... yet trying to still "be" young.

Which of course means,  I made some lists. Here's how I know I'm getting old:

-- I remember when VCRs became the thing, and we had to rent them if we wanted to try them out.
-- I remember watching final episode of Mash.
-- I remember when MTV was first popular... one of the first music videos I remember was this one:

-- I went to Star Wars in the theater when I was 12 years old. We sat through it twice and I was completley blown away by everything about it.
-- I also remember LOVING this movie (Flash Gordon) when I was 16.
-- I remember watching Donny and Marie every Friday night, Emergency, Love Boat and Fantasy Island every Saturday night and The Wonderful World of Disney and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys every Sunday night..

-- Of course I loved Donny... and Shaun Cassidy, and also  Leif Garret, Andy Gibb and Scott Baio

-- We had a class dance every Friday afternoon in 6th grade and I had a little 45 record of this song which the kids begged me to bring for that dance every week:

(I love this clip of it because it has both the original music AND the disco one which starts at 1:26 in.. plus it has clips of the movie! Embedding might not be working, so go on and click over to YouTube!)


-- Another song I remember we loved dancing to was More Than a Feeling by Boston
-- I remember watching Roots on TV.
-- I got an electric typewriter for my going to college Christmas present and that was so very very cool.
-- I was already married when CDs become the thing and we freaked out about them
-- I  watched Oprah from the beginning
-- I remember when disposable diapers were the next coolest thing
-- I remember when Ibuprofen was the wonder drug and you could only get it in prescription
-- I was in college when the shuttle exploded
-- I remember when John Lennon was shot... and Ronald Regan... but no, not JFK.
-- I remember when TV shows started advertising their websites
-- I remember first getting the internet and how that AOL "you've got mail" thing was so awesome!
.... and the list could go on and on and on.

BUT... I feel/act/seem younger because....

-- I get into all the new computer stuff
-- I think it's fun to have a lot of celebrity crushes
-- I like to blast music in the car... (my kids tell me to turn down the music all the time)
-- and go to rock concerts.
-- I have the confidence of a teenager... in other words... not much
-- I get excited about weird things
-- I like to read YA books and ponder my own high school years
-- I dress like a kid in jeans and tshirts/sweatshirts and tennis shoes
-- and... I don't know what else.... what else?

Anyway, here's to getting older, but staying young! If you have the secret to that, let me know!


  1. LOL! I love it. I suppose if I made a list like this I'd feel old too. I don't think anyone thinks of you as "that middle ages lady". I don't! The trick is staying young at heart. ;) You're doing that great. Happy Birthday!

  2. I agree, just stay young at heart. I love that you got to see Star Wars in the theater, lucky!

  3. I love your list! And Meco Star Wars is one of my most favorite things EVER.

    I remember a lot of the things you mentioned, but there are some I don't.

    Like Jenny said, I don't think of you as that middle aged lady at all. :) I just think of you as one of the gals and I enjoy spending time with you.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. We have the same life and memories, just on opposite sides of the continent. Our first VCR had a remote - on a wire connected to it!
    I remember getting a microwave, and it was a big deal.

    Have a wonderful birthday! We are young, at heart for sure.

  5. I loved, loved Donny and Marie!!! Had the dolls and everything. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Hope you have a great birthday!

  6. There's a quote that I love it is this

    Age is a Matter of the mind, if you don't mind it don't matter.

    I too feel older sometimes, I'll be 50 next year. I also remember when cable tv had no commercials.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. We must be right around the same age, because I remember a lot of those things too, in pretty much the same frame of reference! I feel like I'm young in some of the same ways, too. And when I get together with other bloggers, I'm usually the "old lady"...but the others usually seem surprised to find that out. I guess that's good? :-D

  8. LOL - You really ARE old! I do know how you feel, though - I always feel a little weird browsing the YA section of the library/bookstore. But, oh well, right? We obviously still know what's cool :)

    Happy Birthday!

  9. You're such a "baby"...I mean Spring chicken...I mean, you are SO young!! I will NOT admit to being anywhere or seeing anything. That is the way I cover up my real age.

    I think shopping in the YA section of the bookstore is a blast. It's kind of like shopping for clothes in PacSun or Buckle. It freaks everyone out. They think I'm shopping for my kids. Ha Ha!! The best part is that my Book Groups all love YA lit so we support each other.

    Have a wonderful birthday. I am definitely fond of the saying, "You are as old as you act!!"

    Make it a great weekend!

  10. I never really think of anyone as old until maybe their 80's or 90's... And even then not so much. :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  11. Jenny: Hey thanks! :0

    Melissa: When it came out in the theater that first time around... I think we went like four times, which was a pretty big deal for us! So much fun!

    Jenni: You like Meco Star Wars? AWESOME! :)

    Raidergirl: Very cool. Same life, different sides of the continent. I love that! Oh, yes.. microwaves! I forgot about them! Yes, we ARE young at heart.... :)

    Anne: I never had the dolls, sadly. But wow, I love watching those clips on YouTube now.. so corny and yet so funny. They were great.

    Page: I don't mind!! (Sort of anyway.) We never had cable TV all those years, in fact, for much of those years, we didn't have TV at all.

    Florinda: Yes, it's good. I think, I hope, people forget all about age when all in a big group. I know I do.

    Susan: Yes, we are SO SO cool! :) Ha.

    Inside: LOL! Thanks so much. You are awesome.

    Kailana: Yes, I would say my grandparents (90's) are quite old now. They hate it. They are not enjoying it at all anymore!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Getting older? Not so bad at all! :)

  12. Oh you make me laugh! I never thought you were the "old lady." In fact, you are usually the funnest person to chat with! Have a lovely birthday!

  13. I remember most of the things on your list, so we must be about the same age. I'm not old, so therefore, you are not old either. Problem solved! ;)

    I think a large part of it is state of mind. I was shocked when I found out a co-worker was only 10 years older than me....I thought she was my mother's age! You're as young as you feel my friend!

    Enjoy your birthday! :)

  14. Funny, funny, funny. I love this post, Suey.
    I remember everything you do, and I will say.... it does feel that long ago.
    But, I think I have you beat...did you watch Oprah when she was on AM Chicago? That was before her Oprah show. I watched her then.
    I will say though, I fell out of Oprah love the last 5 years or more of her show.

    The list can certainly go on and on. Loved it!

    By the way... you are not old, but I hear you about the "oh my gosh, I am the oldest here." feeling. We are as old as we feel... I believe that is very true.



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