Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Salon: What a Week!

It's late Saturday night. I just got home. I should be reading.  Or sleeping at the very least.

Outside my window: There's a little drizzle. They say snow by morning. I'm not sure I believe it. If there is, it will be gone before afternoon I'm sure. Spring... gotta love it!

I am listening to: Just now in the car, Bohemian Rhapsody came on! We got home too soon! I wanted to hear it all! Love that song. I think it has everything... a little mellow, a little rock, a little pretty voices, a little screamy voices, a sad story, a happy story. Perfect.

I am watching: Downstairs the news is on. The community is THRILLED that our local college team is on to the Sweet 16. If this keeps up, you just might find me interested in March Madness after all!

I am thinking: That this past week was a fabulous bookish week! A rockin' launch party, a rowdy book club, a chat with Ally Condie, a Brandon Mull signing, a four years of blogging celebration, five new books bought, an author that retweeted my review of his book and just now... a play of Persuasion. I couldn't ask for much more really.

I am grateful for: All the above stuff. Also, for water and food and air and a house.

I am reading: Too many books! Lord of Chaos, No Going Back, Room, I Am The Messenger, City of Bones... anxious to read The Name of the Wind, My Jane Austen Summer, Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Monsters of Men, The World We Live In and Front and Center...

I am photographing: Brandon Mull's Launch party. Did you see my video? And also I've been asked to be on Scene of the Blog in the coming days... so I'm taking pictures of my blogging space. Ha. How exciting that is! :) Well, it IS exciting, but my space is so very not.

I am listing: Weekly Geeks is a list of our bookishness.... you should go participate! I'm going to be listing my things soon. 

I am creating: Wahoo! Daughter Toto said today, "I feel like sewing." So we started a skirt. Are you impressed? Tune in next week before you decide on that point.

On my iPod: Same.... same same same. I almost bought the new Radiohead album this week, but Amazon said it wasn't quite out. 

I am hoping and praying: The trip we are planning in three months time is fun and not stressful. 

Around the house: Pretty much the same too. Since it was book club week, it got cleaned pretty good one day, but you know, that lasted for maybe an hour or two.

From the kitchen: Wow, it's been a bad cooking week. I was gone during dinner time Tues, Wed. and Thurs. Then Friday I was dead tired, and today is Sat. which means I don't cook. Yeah. Not a good dinner week at all around here.

One of my favorite things: Ice cream. M and M's. Cookies. Croissants. Pancakes. Pizza. What? A problem with food? Me?

The children this week: Were overly busy. There were a couple of melt downs I must say. I don't enjoy melt downs particularly. 

Plans for the week: Well, let's see. I think compared to last week, it's going be quite a normal routine week. Until Saturday of course... when I plan on meeting my favorite author ever! Wait, what? Less than a week away? I am freaking OUT! Deep breaths, I can do this....ARGHH! So nervous! What will I say? 

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Crazy week! I'm glad I could share in some of the craziness with you.

    I'm counting down the days too! So nervous and exited and...Ahhhh!

  2. Ahhh....take a deep breath! Your week sounded stimulating and anything but boring. What a good recap.

    I am thrilled that my alma mater (Y-mania) is in the Sweet 16!! I am a basketball nut so I was in the zone yesterday when they played. Add to it the UofA where I also went for a bit and my taught at is also playing today. I will hope they go too.

    Our spring break was beautiful and busier than I was ready for, but I loved the warm days and the relaxing moments. Now it's back to school tomorrow and the rains are supposed to come. Hmmm. Sounds like reading weather to me. At least I can turn off the air conditioner. (One day it hit 90+!)

    I love reading your Sunday Salon.



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