Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beyonders Launch Party: A Video

Wow. I can't believe this video finally worked! It only took me all day yesterday and most of today! So I hope you watch it!!! Even though my battery died and I didn't even get Brandon Mull himself on it! I tried though. But the editing thing I'm using which recognizes my new HD camcorder, won't recognize my crappy camera. And the software that will do the crappy camera won't do the HD stuff. ARGHHH!!

But the party was fun, as you can see from this video. I hope. There were a few bloggers there, and authors, and I even found a gaggle of my cousins to hang with!

So I won't say any more... just watch. And then go read the book. Really. You should.


  1. Hey, it looks great! I wish I'd recorded that Mother Goose tryouts - that rocked. Did you guys wait a long time to get your books signed?

  2. WOW! The video is even more intense than the pictures. That's cool that he got a bunch of other authors to help him out with the launch. Super fun!

  3. And to think that I almost went but decided not to.... *seriously questions decision-making skills*

    That was amazing! It looks like it was a fun night. Thanks for capturing video so the rest of us who missed it could get a glimpse! :)

  4. Wow! What a rock-star!! I want to seriously know who were all the "hot guys" doing the Justin Beiber song and dance??!! That was a riot.

    Imagine sitting there (as the "king') and watching all these hero-authors playing and helping with your launch party? What a great night. I'm jealous - aflush with envy!

    Thanks for sharing. It was hysterical!

  5. That was a WILD party. Thanks so much for hanging out with me. It made me feel like I belonged. Aww...

  6. My 11yo son and I just watched your video. "Cool!" he says. We so enjoyed the launch party. I wish we'd seen you there!

  7. That is just fantstic! I am blown away by your editing skills. Such a fun event, and I really wish I'd be able to go. But your video cheered me up so much. Thanks!

  8. Melissa, we waited awhile, but it didn't seem long. We talked! :) Maybe it was 45 min or so? I don't know!

    Laura: Glad you liked it!

    Penelope: You'll have to come next time. He'll have TWO books coming out next year!

    Inside: The guys were part of a comedy team that Brandon Mull was part of back in the day... all his friends mostly.

    Emily: So glad you found us! It was fun!

    Alison: I wish I'd seen you too! I think I may have across the way for just a bit.

    Chersti: Editing skills? Hello? I was having SUCH problems with this I hardly edited at all! It's one of my favorite things to do and I would have done so much more if it would have cooperated. Dumb software/cameras/computers/batteries/files!!! But glad you liked it anyway! :)



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