Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Stuff... Again

It's a Friday random post! I hope you are as thrilled as I am!

So there's some stuff coming up.

First off, tomorrow is the RUN for Markus Zusak tickets. Each person can get four tickets... they are giving out 400, which, if you can do just even a little math, tells you that only the first 100 people will get them!! Argh! How early should I be? Let the second ticket stress of recent history begin! I really really hope I have good news to report to you all at this time tomorrow! Really, there's no doubt that I HAVE to see this guy. Really. The actually event takes place on March 26... two weeks! So people if you are in the area.. .and you feel just a small desire to see Markus Zusak... STAY HOME! :) You can only come if you feel a HUGE desire!  (See I shouldn't be advertising, I should hoard the info to myself, right? What AM I thinking?)

On Tuesday I hope to go see the Brandon Mull Beyonders series launch. I've heard these are a riot, and I bet it's another run for your seat sort of event. But I think I don't need tickets, right? I just show up? I hope my brand newly 12 year old daughter can go with, or else I may look a little suspiciously author stalker-ish? Hmmm. So what else is new?

Oh HEY! Did you know there's a readathon coming up again in just a few weeks? I haven't signed up yet, because I wasn't sure what was going on around here, but my guess is... nothing... which is perfect for readathoning. It's on April 9, and so go here if you want to sign up. If you've never done this, you should seriously give it a try. As you know, I like to read with my above mentioned 12 year old daughter, which makes the time invested seem especially worth it and like I'm not "wasting" a whole Saturday reading, but rather creating fun memories with her, my neglected youngest! :)

I'm thinking about going to see Red Riding Hood tomorrow with the girls, since the boys are away for the day. What think you? If you go, let me know if it's good, okay? It sure looks good, but you never know. If we don't go to that, maybe we'll end up at the Justin Bieber movie! HA! Yes, so my older daughter decided, suddenly, just this very week, that she actually kinda liked his music. So, he's being singing to us nonstop the past couple of days. And guess what? I don't mind it at all! You heard that right. I think he's okay. So there. But I think I'd still rather go to Red Riding Hood.

So this past week we started the buddy read of Lord of Chaos, the sixth book of the huge Wheel of Time series. The prologue was 72 pages long! Yes. And now that the story has started, we are waiting for something to happen. Not sure if this is a very good sign for this 1000 page book! Please let it get wildly exciting soon!

Let's see... what else? Before I can get MZ tickets or go to the movies tomorrow, I have to survive supervising a slumber party tonight. Wish me luck!

Oh, wait! Speaking of MZ's.... I just found out that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame is coming to speak at the local university too! Also in a couple of weeks. I think I want to go! Don't you think that he would be fascinating to listen to? Oh boy. Never a dull moment around here, is there.

Now for a TV Talk paragraph: Survivor... very fun this time around. Did you see Russel cry? That was epic! Poor boy. It looked genuine and everything. But I truly do love Rob. But, at this point, I'm rooting for Matt. American Idol: Casey is sick! Get better dude! I like him, and Scotty and Stefan. I love the difference in sound this season. Very cool. And seeing Adam last night? Awesome!! Amazing Race: Cowboys? Where IS your mojo? Cmon guys! Step it up! Vampire Diaries: Can't believe no new shows for now. That's painful! Friday Night Lights: Where are you? Merlin: Season three? Anyone?

And there's Japan today. Wow, that some sad scary stuff going on there. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone there and please, hang in there.

Whoa, I think I've randomly rambled for plenty long enough now. Time to make cupcakes and have a nap.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I want to go see Red Riding Hood as well! I haven't read the book though... Maybe it's better that I don't since I tend to pick movies apart when they are based off of a book. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. If I get tickets and you don't, you can have one of mine. :)

  3. Chantele: I didn't even really know there WAS a book. Wow, does every movie have a book to go with it these days?

    Jenni: All your tickets aren't spoken for already? Well, if I get desperate, I just might take you up on this offer! Let's hope it doesn't come down to that though.

  4. Even I would run for Marcus Zusak! And I think it would be fascinating to hear Mark Zuckerberg talk. I am rooting for the Goths in Amazing Race. The cowboys are their own worst enemy. And the Red Riding Hood movie looks cool...much better than the Bieber movie (of course I'm not a tween).

  5. Hope you got your MZ tickets! I'll bet you had just the right amount of crankiness after surviving a sleep over to scare people away from the front of the line!

  6. Jenners: Would you get up very early on a Sat. morning? That's what I was thinking this morning... only for Markus Zusak!

    Lisa: YES! Got 'em! And the sleep over wasn't bad at all... lots of screaming and giggling and running around, but they settled down okay. And we all slept.

  7. Oh the days of little girl sleepovers! Nothing like a bunch of giggling girls.

    I am anxious to know if you saw Red Riding Hood. I have only read bad reviews of it--which really means nothing to me most of the time. What they (the critics) hate, I usually love.

    I am readathoning with my youngest, the neglected 4th born. Sam has read with me in all 4 that I have done. It truly has made some wonderful memories with him. It will be fun--as usual.



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