Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.20: Guilty Pleasures

Time for Weekly Geeks again! This time we are questioned about our guilty pleasures. My immediate thought is: Is it a guilty pleasure if we DON'T feel guilty about it?

Maree, who poses this question, admits to being a big American Idol fan. I've made no secret about my obsession with the show either! And I don't feel guilty or ashamed about it. I have such fun with it, that it can't be a bad thing to enjoy a TV show, right?

Speaking of TV, which I think is the main guilty pleasure of many, I decided a few years ago to stop trying to resist. This happened around the time we got our computer program that records shows (just like a DVR or Tivo, but on the computer) and I could suddenly keep up with more TV. And fast forward the commercials. And watch whenever I had time.

So I decided to drop that guilty feeling and just watch TV if I wanted to. Now, besides American Idol, I'm addicted to a good handful of shows. I think it makes life just that much more interesting to have fun with TV programs.

Author stalking is a fun guilty pleasure. I wish I had more freedom to pursue this particular hobby, but life sometimes suggests there's other things that need doing.

Science fiction movies could be considered a guilty pleasure I suppose. I was insanely excited to see Star Trek the other day. I would LOVE it if someone kept making Star Wars movies. Awhile back, I checked out Firefly and watched all those episodes and then the movie that came after called Serenity. I know there's many other science fiction shows and movies that I'm missing out on. I know I'd love them all. Maybe this summer during the boring TV season, I can rent some DVDs and catch up on some of them! What are your suggestions?

Sneaking chocolate chips from the pantry by the handful is major guilty pleasure!

I guess that's all I can come up with for now.

So, what are YOUR guilty pleasures?


  1. I have a number of DVD recommendations in this week's WG post.

  2. I didn't realise we had Idol in common :)
    I think the only author I stalk is Neil Gaiman. It took me a while to embrace my inner fangirl, but she's on the rampage now.
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  3. SciFi shows? How about Eureka? I just finished watching the Battlestar Galactica series on DVD and Firefly is one of my all time favorites.

  4. I would have said Lost, but it is awesome, and therefore i have no guilt! love the X-files and Serenity though!

  5. Author stalking -- ha! I wish there was more time to pursue this one, too. (And money. And opportunity.)

    (You shouldn't have chickened out about the actors. I feel that relief can be found through sharing... so... who is it? Out with it!)

  6. Love the chocolate chips thing!

  7. I used tv as my guilty pleasure, although I really only feel guilty about it when I'll sit down and waste and entire beautiful afternoon sitting inside watching a whole disc of a show I've seen before. Sometimes you just have to give in though :)


  8. hmmmm my guilty pleasure? i spend alllll my money on books. granted, the way i do it is so much cheaper than buying - i use to rent books and i really love it. see, there are healthy ways to indulge your guilty pleasures! ;-)

  9. I am going into a summer of not too many guilty pleasures, simply because I have now finished a thesis which has been hanging over my head for ages, making all other activites outside thesis-writing a very guilty pleasure ;-)

  10. LOL We keep chocolate chips in the freezer for sneaking =)

  11. I still haven't gotten over the cancelation of Star Trek:TNG. I used to watch Alien Nation. That was another great show they canceled on me. Besides the ones you listed I will have to think back but I know I can come up with some more. :D



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