Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Which I Buy Josh Groban Tickets

While most of you were going calmly about your day this morning I was feeling extremely stressed! After all, today was the day I had got to buy Josh Groban tickets for his upcoming concert! Now remember, tickets, of any kind, freak me out. I get anxious for movie tickets even. In a week we have to run for the Markus Zusak tickets, and I'm anxious. Buying tickets, for ANY concert, is over the top anxiety! Remember my Muse experience? Double booked tickets? Visions of that dance in my head now every time I hit the button to buy. Nothing is guaranteed. And seats? I need GOOD seats. There's just something about good seats. It's not quite enough just to be there, you need to be there AND see.

Thus my anxiety this morning because tickets for the next Josh Groban tour went on sale for the fan club. All these years I've resisted that dang fan club. I feel wrong, just totally wrong, paying money for the privilege of being a fan! BUT, I succumbed just these week in order to get the pre-sale code for this concert... to ease my quest for the good seats! It was scary I tell you, waiting to see if that code appeared on my page! But it did! Yes!

So I left it there.

Then this morning I though, hmmmm... maybe I should move this code to another location, so I copied and pasted. Not minutes afterward, the site crashed because of all the fan traffic! Wow, THAT was lucky!

Ibeeeg and I were twittering like mad giving each other moral support in our ticket buying stress! That made it fun! Afterwards, I had to report to her how it all went for me, so I thought I'd share that with those of you interested in what goes on during a concert ticket buying moment by a frantic fanatic who freaks out about tickets and seats in general!

So I sat there, all ready with my password, and my ticketmaster account all set up. The clock chimes ten and here's what happened:

1. Password does not work... dumbfounded... did I copy and paste wrong? Panic..... panic panic panic!!!! Ten minutes go by.
2. Check JG website has been down for hours, but I check anyway..... IT's UP!! YES, and sure enough I have doubled the letters in my password! WHY? HOW? I don't know. So I fix THAT problem
3. Now I'm in... first I click on wrong buttons and it thinks I want four tickets.. no I just want TWO! Start over
4. DUMB VERIFICATION THINGS!! I have to type them in over and over again with shaking hands!
5. Finally I get some tickets up... I look at seating chart... WHAT's THIS?? Strange layout, I have no idea if these seats are good.
6. I try computer #2... same spot (yes I had multiple computers going. I realize later that multiple windows would have probably done the trick, but I aim for the hard way!)
7. I try computer #3.. same spot
8. I refresh.. .same spot
9. repeat 5 through 9 about five times
10. SAME SPOT!!!!
11. Give up and decide I guess that's suppose to be my spot!! on the floor 14 rows back from stage extension... all I'm saying is he BETTER come out on that extension thing A LOT!!
12. THEN... I have a ticketmaster account... all ready to go... but this is their sister site... won't recognize my stuff
13. So I make NEW account... says "There's already an account with that email!" Clock is ticking down!!! WHAT?
14. Try again... won't work.
15. Make new account with other email.. worked.
16. Now I have to now add card info, which I thought would already be done.... clock is still ticking down....
17. Use auto fill in... puts in my sister's address!!! (because I've sent her stuff from Amazon and Chrome has remembered that? I have no idea.) Have to fix and fill out.... clock is ticking down!
18. Whew.. finally hit button.. .Seats are bought. And I really hope all my info is right because I can't take time to double check a gazillion times!
19. BUT NOW.. have to fill out FLASH SEAT info.. since that's the only way they are selling these things this time... Makes me nervous all over again.
I'm taking my sister who will be, she promises, all fan girly with me. She has only ever been in nosebleed sections for concerts, so being on row 14 on the floor has GOT to be better than that! Ah, now that the stress if over, we are so excited and I'm sure you'll be seeing all sorts of count down posts by me through the summer. Date of our concert... August 13! Can't wait!!


  1. I hope the actual concert goes smoothly.

  2. Okay I was totally laughing about how stressed you get about buying tickets until you started describing the actual experience. And then I realized that is exactly how it always happens for me! It is stressful!

  3. Sounds stressful! I hope the concert is lots of fun, though!

  4. LOL! I totally understand your stress. And it never helps that computers and websites make things so much worse. I'm glad everything worked out, though.

  5. I am so glad that you and I both seem to have snatched pretty good seats. The anticipation excitement will for sure be a fever pitch the day of the concert, and most likely a few days before hand. Shoot, I feel it right now as I am typing.

    Like I told you, I don't like the nerves that come along with ticket purchasing...not fun, but in a very weird way it is fun. :\

  6. Ann: The concert will a blast... unless there was a glitch and they double booked the seats like they did with our Muse tickets.

    Lisa: Yes, it is! So scary when you feel it's like a matter of life and death to get good seats!

    Kailana: Oh, yes, it will be fantastic and I can't wait!

    TG: It worked out.. I think.. I will let you know after the concert whether or not I could see him.

    Ibeeeg! You changed your profile picture! :) It will be fun that week, that's for sure... I remember last time I had butterflies for weeks before.. and I couldn't concentrate for weeks after.

  7. Yes, the profile pic changed. Think I will leave it until I come up with a good blog header, and "logo" of sorts.

    Butterflies for weeks before...and after...ummm...what I have got myself into? LOL I can believe the butterflies. I am excited already, and I only just bought the darn tickets, AND I will not have them in my hand until Will Call. Oh the anticipation. So glad I can share this with you!!



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