Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to Markus Zusak

Two days! Two days to see, hear, listen to, meet, talk to, Markus Zusak!  If you've been around here awhile, you know I love this author! I remember thinking even just recently that there would probably be no chance ever to see him. After all he lives in Australia! And if he were to come to the US he would most likely only come to the big important cities, not my small obscure spot in the middle of Utah!

But then we got word a few months ago that he was coming here after all! The band of bloggers we have here went a little berserk that day! And since then, we've been waiting for the day to arrive and now, wow, it's almost here.

And because it's almost here, I must do a tribute post!

First of all, once I decided Markus Zusak is the coolest author ever... I noticed I have hard time describing exactly why (well, besides looks and voice, of course.) It makes me crazy. It is all about his way with words, and yet I can't find the words to describe that! So I've been re-reading I Am the Messenger this past week, and trying to consciously think about what I love so much. There are some obvious things, namely the use of metaphor, and similes and personification. Remember your English classes? Anyone? He does these things like nobody else I've ever read.

Then, somehow, those words, simple though they are, turn into poetry. Yes, this is where I think it happens. He writes poetic novels. He uses these simple words to describe complex feelings and then, we the readers, are able to understand those feelings, and get deep into the story and characters, in the most amazing way.

Whatever it is, however you describe it, I love it.

So while reading this week, I wrote down a few of the phrases from I Am the Messenger that jumped out at me, just for example:

I let the words out, each one tugging and pulling at my lips as they fight to stay in.

The grass on her front lawn is gold. My feet crunch over it, like the sound of someone biting into toast.

Sophie. I like it. I hear it in my mind and place the name carefully to her face. It fits nicely.

Her eyes are worth drowning in, and her mouth speaks to me.

There's something flowing between my fingers as I hold the envelope in my hands and being tearing it open. The breeze outside steps closer.

It feels like the mornings clap their hands. To make me wake.

I drive my cab with a headache that waits behind me. Every time I turn around, it's there.

The hammer of a fist lands on the back of my neck. I taste the floor. It joins my mouth.

Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.

Fear is the street. Fear is every step. The darkness grows heavier on the road and I begin. To run.

And so it goes.

My only complaint? I wish he would write more. I feel so very impatient!

Oh wow. I'm so looking forward to Saturday! Hopefully I'll come back with a picture or two worth sharing, maybe video if I'm lucky.

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So please tell me, who is YOUR author obsession and have you meet him/her? How did it go? 


  1. I'm sooo excited for you! I really need to read I Am The Messenger. Can't wait to hear how Saturday goes!!!

  2. Jealous, jealous, jealous, but so very excited for you. Zusak is high on my author obsession and I hope I get to hear him speak one day. I'd say Neil Gaiman is my other obsession. I had a chance to hear him speak in April 2010 and it was wonderful! He was so funny and clever in real life, which was exactly how I'd hoped he would be. I can't wait to hear how Saturday goes for you. Enjoy!

  3. I love how, even with all our differences, we both love the exact same things about Markus. Those quotes were some of my favorites too. They give me chills.



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