Friday, March 4, 2011

A Bunch of Business (including a one question poll)

Just a few things on my mind:

First of all, I wanted to remind my Utah readers that the book blogging party is tomorrow! I know that came up fast, but why linger in anticipation, right? It will be at 6:00 at the Golden Corral in Midvale (about 7200 S and 13th E). Bring a book to exchange if you want. If you haven't been contacted, emailed, tweeted, or otherwise personally invited... that's okay, you are officially invited if you live here in Utah and have anything to do with book blogging or the bookish business. Please come!

Second... I've been wanting to ask everyone a question. This is a one question poll. I'm wanting to know how long you've been around reading this here blog. Because I'm staring to feel at times that I'm repeating myself, and am worrying that it's getting boring. But then I think... hey, there's some new people here I bet who haven't seen that story yet! Or whatever. So then I wondered what percentage of my readers are newish or oldish. And besides,  it's been awhile since I did a poll. Okay, so are you ready for the ONE question? It will be so easy I expect every single one of you to hit that one button!

See that was easy, right?

Finally, I'm wondering from my fellow American Idol fans... what do you think? Do we have some interesting people this time or what? Who's your favorite so far? I'm liking Stefano and Casey, and maybe Paul a little. Sad to see Tim go, I wanted to hear him more. Oh well. And as you know (or maybe you don't if you are a new reader...see what I mean? I need to know!) I'm not so much into the girls. I really like guy voices! :)

Okay I've been on this computer way too long! I'm off!


  1. Answered your poll! I'm a newish old reader, right in the middle. :)

    Oh, an American Idol question! I really like Casey and James, but think Pia might win. The young girl (Thia?) has a great voice, but I think the pressure will get to her after awhile.

  2. I honestly can't remember, so I guessed...

  3. I think the public did a great job of picking the great voices and a nice blend of people. But I'm not sure the judges made the right choices. We were cheering for Tim because he's from Omaha. My fav is James, partly because he's the only rocker and partly because I can't help but cheer for someone who has the courage to get up in front of people with Tourette's.

  4. What about Nevada? I'm so close, but far. LOL
    I'm a new reader.

  5. Well-I am visiting this post on Sunday, and your poll is gone! I will just tell you that I think I have been a follower for maybe 2 years. I never find your blog boring--mine maybe yes. Yours? No.

    American Idol: The boys have the girls beat I think this year. My favorite girls are Pia and Thia. Stefano is from my little hometown, Kent Washington, a suburb south of Seattle. He went to the same high school as my boys, and my Austen went to school and had a class with Stefano's younger brother. Of course, we are rooting for him, but are afraid he might get overshadowed by Casey and some of the other more flamboyant contestants.

  6. Alexia: I agree about.. the young girl on American Idol.. whatever her name is.. Thia? Yes, it will be interesting to see how she handles things.

    Kailana: HA! I guess nearly from the beginning for you! :)

    Lisa: Ah Tim. Sad. I like James too, but he sounds a lot like Adam Lambert and I wonder if that will bug people. I don't know.

    Debbie: Hey thanks for being a new reader! Yes, Nevada might be a bit far for the party!

    Kim: WHAT? Where's my poll? I'm still seeing it on my end...wonder why you can't see it. I wonder if other's can't see it. STrange. Oh my word Stefano is a cutie. I think we'll be liking him at our house!

  7. The poll is back today! I just voted in it. Not sure why I couldn't see it yesterday?

  8. Good to know we are on the same page with American Idol again. They are all amazing, but I am liking Stefano, Casey the best too.



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