Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sunday Salon: What a Week END!

Outside my window: Sunday morning! Sunny! Bright and beautiful!

I am listening to: The sound of silence. It's 10:30 a.m. here and everyone is still sleeping. Lucky for us, we have late church!

I am watching: this week just more of my regular TV shows. American Idol where there was a fun results show this week. I'm happy we get more Casey. That was craziness. And Survivor where for some reason I'm rooting for Matt to keep winning those Redemption Island duels and get back in the game. He's a little strange but seems quite cool. And Amazing Race where thankfully, the cowboys seem to have their mojo back. We'll see how tonight goes.

I am thinking: about Markus Zusak of course, because my brain is going over and over and over again how last night's event went. I can't wait to tell you all about it, but that will be in it's own post, tomorrow perhaps,  with video hopefully, which I'll work on today. But let me just say, it was amazing. Awesome. Wonderful! Crazy! So. Much. Fun! Oh my gosh, I was right all along, he's the best. THE best I tell you!

I am grateful for: for bloggin' buddies. Yeah, last night was so fun to be able to gush about Markus Zusak with so many buddies that got it. And to hang out forever, and I mean forever, with them... and gush some more. You guys rock, really.

I am reading: books! Yes, I actually finished three of them this past week. No Going Back, which I reviewed, and I Am the Messenger and Room, both of which I will review this week. That left me with more time to focus on Lord of Chaos, which I felt like I made progress on... Chapter 17 page 392! And I also started My Jane Austen Summer, which will be for a TLC blog tour next week. Never a dull moment in the reading department.

I am photographing: Markus Zusak! As I said, more on that later.

I am listing: all the questions I wish I would have asked him. Dang, I'm so dumb!

I am creating: school files for the kids. Yes, I went through piles of papers this week trying to catch up on these files. I am nearly three years behind! I've never done that before. It's painful. I tried to listen to Lord of Chaos on tape while shuffling through these school papers... it didn't work very well for me. I had to go re-read what I'd just listened to. I must be a visual reader. It doesn't stick in my brain unless I see the words. Is that weird? Or what?

On my iPod: Hey I got new music this week! I suddenly realized I had an Amazon mp3 credit, so I stressed all one morning at how to use that. I finally ended up getting five songs from Ramin Djawadi..... know him? Probably not. He's like the next Hans Zimmer. But I love his stuff.

I am hoping and praying: that our broken computer comes home tomorrow all fixed and better, with a hard drive that still has familiar content on it.

Around the house: status quo. Nothing new. Same old same old.

From the kitchen: Did  I ever tell you that my main mission in the kitchen is to cook and bake without using partially hydrogenated oil? Aka shortening/margarine? Yes, this makes certain things hard because did you know that cream of mushroom/chicken soup has this in it? Yes. So I'm trying to figure out how to make casseroles without these soups. Yes. I know. I learned this week and last how to do chicken enchiladas AND tuna noodle casserole WITHOUT them. Yes. They were MUCH better. This also means I only bake with butter. Which is also good. I hope to continue being successful in this quest.

Some of my favorite things: author events, book signings, blogger gatherings, book loving friends and sisters and daughters, libraries, way cute authors....

The children this week: One kid went out of town for tennis again. He came home while I was still gone last night and was sound asleep by the time I got home. I haven't even seen him yet, but I hear him stirring now. Maybe I'll be getting a report shortly.

Plans for the week: Hmmm... I have absolutely no plans. I have no idea what's happening this week. How's that for organized?

On this date: Here's stuff I was looking forward to four years ago, kinda interesting. Three years ago I was freaking about Jason being in the bottom three. Ah Jason! I miss you! Two years ago I was randomly going on about John Green. Here's hoping HE shows up at the library one day! :) One year ago I reviewed my first Neal Shusterman book, which started another author obsession. After John Green, I want him next! :) I've learned that these dream author appearances really truly might come true! It HAPPENS!

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Your blog made me tired. Do you ever sit down?

  2. If you like intense soundtracks like Clash of the Titans you might want to look into "Epic Action & Adventure" albums by Epic Score (you can find these on iTunes - there are six of them). You might also like "Position Music - Orchestral Series" (also on iTunes - I believe there are four of them).

  3. You are going to need to share how you are replacing those soups, 'cause I haven't quite figured that out yet and I would love to be able to cook without them too.



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