Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Various and Sundry Reports

I was going to skip the whole Sunday Salon post today because there's not much reading to report, but I decided I just can't help rambling on to whoever is out there reading. Lucky you!

So this week I started The Fires of Heaven... on with the Wheel of Time quest! So. Much. Fun! I'm about 150 pages in and so far we've just picked up Min's story a bit, and have established that Rand is rallying with the Aiel people and is dealing with being surrounded, and I mean SURROUNDED by tons of women! It cracks me up.

I'm also about 150 pages into The Way We Live Now and I think I'd enjoy it more if it was just the soap opera stuff and less of the corrupt business stuff, but since that's what this book is about, I'll get it all! Here's hoping I can finish in time for a scheduled tour stop in a  couple of weeks. Hopefully I won't be too distracted by Rand and his friends to loss my focus! I don't know why I always end up reading to Big Fat Books at the same time and all during Christmas responsibilities!

In other news, I'm having fun figuring out apps for my new phone. Any suggestions? I'm so clueless, so you need to tell me what I can't live without! I've started playing the Four Square game if you have idea what that is. I think I'll be the mayer of the library by the end of the week, which is only appropriate, don't you think? :)

And that's pretty much all I'm reading at the moment.

But I have seen some movies:

Tangled: Wonderfully fun! A new take on Rapunzel. So funny and cute and just, perfect. With such a smoldering leading guy! Ha! I love it.

Harry Potter: I enjoyed it a lot! There were some slow spots, but some pretty exciting spots too. The controversial naked scene was a little, no, a lot weird, but nothing to freak out about. The ending was a great cliff hanger and I'm not happy we have to wait so long to finish it all up! (Did I report on this one already? I'm having a feeling of deja vu.)

The Backup Plan: We rented it on a whim, mostly because it has Alex O'Loughlin in it... but it was the stupidest movie I've seen in a long long time! Ugh. So so dumb. Oh, well.

Eat, Pray, Love: I thought this one was pretty well done, though it seemed long and I wondered if it would ever end.

I've got some TV to talk about too:

Survivor: Wow! What craziness is going on there! It's been fun this season, though I'm still not really routing for anyone in particular. I just decided this week that it will be fun to cheer on Fabio though. Go Fabio!!

Amazing Race: All my favorites have been eliminated, so for now, I'm backing the home shopping girl team. They are, well the blonde one anyway, is fun to watch. She is the very definition of spunk.

The Vampire Diaries: I melted when Damon poured his heart out to Elena then wiped her memory! Melted I tell you! Jeremy is currently in second place with the melting scenes for me now. Not sure about him and Bonnie, but wow, he smolders, speaking of smoldering. And aren't we always....

And that's pretty much all I'm watching these days, which is quite a short list compared to past seasons.

Now, it's time to go decorate the tree I suppose. I did a whole post about that tradition a few years ago for the advent tour, so if you want to know all the details about how I'll be spending my evening, you can click on  over and check that out.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. I just saw the HP movie for the 2nd time yesterday and loved it even more the 2nd time around. None of it really dragged for me, but then again, none of those parts dragged for me in the book either, and I know for many people they did. I liked the quiet, slow, slogging moments.



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