Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book Club Report: What We Thought of The Guernsey Book

Oh, man I'm tired of typing the title and authors of this book! So when I say the Guernsey book, we'll just all know that I'm talking about this book:

So last week, we had book club and discussed this book. Nearly everyone read, finished and liked it! I was very pleased with that outcome. (Last time not very many finished. The time before, we had both likes and dislikes, etc.)

Some general reactions:
  • Many people thought they would not like the letter format, but pretty much everyone ended up liking it in the end.
  • We found that the character of Elizabeth, though she wasn't a letter writer, and actually present during the story, was definitely the driving force of the whole plot and existence of the story itself.
  • We enjoyed seeing/reading/getting to know all the different voices presented in the story through their letters.
  • We agreed that the first dude Juliet liked and thought was for her, was not so nice.
  • We agreed that Dawsey WAS nice!
  • We loved learning about a part of the world we weren't previously familiar with.
Yes, I think it was across the board a book everyone enjoyed this time around!

Next up for January, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.


  1. I have had Guernsey for far to long, I really should read it, sounds like a good bookclub choice.

    I have your next on my Wishlist too.

  2. I loved the Guernsey book too, my IRL book club at the library is hoping to read it in 2011. And LOL about the names and title -- I have the same problem.

    I hope you like When You Reach Me -- I LOVED that book, I knew it win the Newbery as soon as I read it. Best juvenile book I've read in a long time. But I'll say no more until you've read it.

  3. I have this book...will read it one day.

    I hope you will like When You Reach Me...I loved the book. Did a joint review on my post with a friend of mine.



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