Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Tour: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Ever since I can remember, Dr. Suess' Grinch story has been one of my favorites. I love how awful he was, and then how quickly and simply he changed to be the nice guy. I love the message that Christmas is not about ribbons, tags, packages and bags. That Christmas doesn't come from a store, but perhaps means a little bit more. I love how the Whos handled their Christmas morning surprise. It's awesome.

When I was a kid, this version of the the story was on TV every year and I loved it!

When I got to be a little bit older, I would make my brothers and sisters (if you'll remember, I'm the oldest of nine kids) act the story out for part of our Christmas Eve celebration. I had a blast with the details. The props, the organization, the costumes, everything. One year, my dad filmed us with his silent camera. I've managed to find that video (which we digitized several years ago) and have had some fun with it. At the time of this filming, there were "only" seven kids, with my little sister,who really was just two, starring in the Cindy Lou Who role. My third brother, who was nearly 12 at the time,played the Grinch. Luckily, I am the narrator and am not on camera!

.......and here's where I would have embedded that video, but sadly, I've had several issues with it, which though I feel like ranting about, I won't go into right now! Anyway, I wish I would have kept up the tradition of acting out this story with my own kids, but it didn't happen. That's how it goes with some things I suppose.

What is your favorite Christmas story?

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  1. I adore the Grinch as well. Such a wonderful story. I'm sorry the video didn't work... I would have loved to have seen that!

  2. I refuse to watch the live- action, Jim Carey version of the Grinch story.
    I loved your other family Christmas video, so I'm sorry we miss the original.

  3. I am not a huge Grinch fan, but what a great memory of your childhood. Too bad you were unable to continue your tradition with your children, but that is the rub sometimes with being parents...what I want,or vision happening does not pan out due to my children's differing opinion. :)
    Thanks for sharing. are the oldest of 9. Did not know that, what are the age ranges. I am always curious about large families.

  4. Melissa: Yeah, I'm sad too I couldn't share it. :(

    Raidergirl: I'm the same way about the Jim Carey Grinch. It's just not right!

    Ibeeeg: Yes, we have lots of large family stories! I am 19 years older than my youngest sister... for the most part everyone is about 2 years apart except the last few... then there's a four year gap and a three year gap. Though I am only 16 months older than my brother just under me! Poor mom.

    What's interesting, I didn't ever live with or know my youngest sister growing up, I was already out of the house, but now that she is "big" we have a really fun connection and lots of the same interests. It's quite fun.



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