Friday, December 10, 2010

In Which Randomness Ensues Again

So last night in the middle of the night at my normal wide-awake time, I thought of a bunch of random things to report, and now it will be interesting to see if I can remember any of them!

First of all, I haven't told you yet about participating in Ally Condie's second book launch party for Matched this past week. Yes, she had two, one at the bookstore and one at the library. (And hey did you hear she is debuting at #5 on The List? Awesome!)So I went so she could sign a copy that I plan on giving away as a Christmas present this year. I said hi to Jenni Elyse there, and of course Heather from Fire and Ice, who I see pretty much at every book event there is! With her camera of course! And I just like, flew out of the house with no fixing up of myself at all! Next book event, I'm going to remember that Heather will be there with her camera without fail and I will need to be prepared!

Yes, she took pictures both with her camera, and one for me with my new phone:

While there, we heard straight from the horse's library director's mouth that Markus Zusak is coming! March 26th! Perhaps I've mentioned this already!? :) But... when he said it, I wanted to say "YES!" with a fist pump, or cheer or clap or jump up and down or something... but everyone else just sat there... and I was a little cowed and so I just sat there with them.

Speaking of my new phone, I have a beef with it. You see, they tell you about all the cool and wonderful things you can do with these phones, and all the apps and all the games and all the web fun and how you won't be able to live without it ever again... but they forget to tell you that if you actually USE it and DO all this stuff, that your battery will be dead in a matter of hours and suddenly, guess what? You find yourself living without it. And it's not like I'm constantly using it either.. just checking in now and then. So, yeah. I'm bugged.

Speaking of bugged, I had a dream last night (when I actually was sleeping!) where the room I was in was filled with all sorts of insects. Creepy. Wonder what it means?

Back to the phone, here's some footage I took the other day of Moder singing with his choir. The phone can't zoom in so you'll just have to guess which one he is:

Speaking of Christmas, have your parties started? Ours starts tonight with the church party, and guess what? I'm not in charge! I have been for the past two years and it has been one of the biggest stresses of the year for me... but tonight, I just get to go and enjoy! Then tomorrow we have two more parties, one in the morning, one in the evening. Actually, it should be kinda fun... I hope.....

Speaking of parties and Christmas, who's got time to read? Not me that's for sure, and it's making me a little bit crazy.

Speaking of crazy, my kids love these two crazy guys on YouTube. In fact, they can quote all their stuff now and to me, when the guys do it, it's not that funny, but when the kids do it, I giggle and giggle. Can you relate?

Here's Charlie, my favorite (sheesh could this kid be any cuter?):

And here's Julian, who is sometimes funny and sometimes just plain weird:

Oh my, that's a lot of really really random stuff. I bet there's more, but I really have to go now! Really really.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Random musings are always good to read. I think I'm the only person on this continent with a pay as you go phone with no apps, no camera and text messaging is too expensive to use.

  2. Love the random. And that you saw Ally again. I have to admit to having a cheap and very simplistic phone too. Probably will for a long time.

  3. It was good to see you at the party, even if it was just for a brief second. :)

  4. I missed the post about your new phone so I don't know what you have, but there are apps that will help save your battery. If you have a Droid you can use the App Manager or you can download Advanced Task Killer - it helps SO MUCH! My battery now lasts all day. :)

  5. We've gotten lucky with the parties lately. My husband is a territory rep for a country on the coast and my company just does a luncheon now so that saves us from two of the parties that I hated to go to! Hope you have fun at all of yours!

  6. Cozy: The one I had before this was a four year old go phone. So this is quite the change for me!

    Melissa: You should have come! :)

    Jenni: Just like Heather, I swear you are to every single book event I got to!

    Heather: I do have that Ap Killer thing, but in reading about stuff some say it makes things worse. So now I'm just confused. Anyway, I think we figured some stuff out and it's doing better, that dumb battery.

    Lisa: We've been having fun, yes. And lots more to go this week!



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