Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bleak House Read Along Thoughts: Week Four (and Five)

Okay, so I'm now officially one week behind in this read along. We took the week off last week posting-wise, but not reading-wise, which I completely understood but choose to ignore anyway. So now this next week hopefully I can read enough to catch up and get back on track.

So, what did I think about what I did mange to read? Maybe my brain was overloaded with just other stuff going on, but I didn't understand much of what I read! Ugh!! I hate it when this happens!

We met a new guy, Mr. Jobling, (at least I think he's new, I'm starting to lose track about now) who rented the room where the Nimo guy died. He seemed like a fun guy, and I warmed to him quite quickly, so I hope he comes back shortly, and that when he does, I actually remember who he is.

Yes, I'm finding that the characters we have been introduced to up to this point, if they come back, I can't remember who they were from their first appearance. It's quite tricky.

And then we meet the Smallweed family, with a pair of eccentric grandparents. And they have a little servant girl named Charley, who I suddenly remembered was from that family of three orphan kids. And she comes back into the story quickly as Esther's new little servant. So that's all happy for her. But I'm still worried about the baby! (I think she's just been given to someone to take care of.)

Then there's Mr. Bucket, a detective guy I think, who tracks down our boy Jo and brings him to a lady and says, "Is this the lady who paid you to take her around to all the different houses?" And Jo says she is, until she speaks that is. So obviously, they've planted someone else in the dress that Jo remembers. I'm actually quite impressed with Jo's memory. He really seems to have an eye for detail.

Back to Esther's story, we learn that Richard and Ada will not be engaged after all, and that Richard is getting shipped off to the army, because he's been a bad boy. Something about gambling away all his money? Also, Esther talks Caddy into telling both his and her parents that she is engaged. Interesting reactions she gets too. Can I just say her mom is really awful?

The next week's reading seems quite intriguing, according to Amanda's recap here, and so I look forward to continuing! Here's hoping I can catch up, because if I get behind don't have this read along to motivate me to stay on track, I think I would probably flounder to the point of giving up!


  1. My first encounter with Bleak House was in grad school. The prof emailed us all before the holiday break to say that we should probably read BH over break and then AGAIN during class...

    I spent 4 solid days over break reading and taking notes on who was who so that the second time I actually knew what was going on...

    BUT. It was completely worth it and I love that book.

  2. The installments for Week 5 were by far my favorite in the whole book.



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