Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Books? What Books?

Oh wait!  This blog is all about books, right? How about I actually talk about them today!

I just finished, as in minutes ago, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer. That was a sad story. Interesting though. I love reading familiar stories from other points of view. Poor Bree. Poor Diego.

This week I also finished Matched by Ally Condie. That's so I can let my ARC float around my book club this next month so we can all go to see Ally when she comes to our library in a month or so. And yes, I really liked that one too! But I will save details for a review, which will probably not be for awhile as I was wanting to wait until closer to it's release date. But we'll see.

I'm also spending quite a bit of time on the Bleak House read along. Not my favorite Dickens so far, but there's enough interesting parts that I'm sticking to it!

Also, I'm quite into the fourth Wheel of Time book called The Shadow Rising. Much more flirting going on and concern about all the different relationships this go around than before. I'm quite enjoying that aspect! I'm actually wishing I could drop all other books and just concentrate on this one, but then I wouldn't get anything else read this month, and that would be sad.

I got my hands on an ARC (through the library this time) of Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry. I need to bump that one up on the list and then plan on seeing Julie Berry when she comes to the library this month! (Our library is concentrating on fantasy this next little while and as part of the celebration, many author appearances will be happening!)

I may attempt to start Fall of Giants by Ken Follett in the coming week. I mean, I at least want to attempt!

But what will I read this very today? My plan is to maybe read a chapter or two of Bleak House and then immerse myself into The Shadow Rising!

What the family is reading:

Mr. Stuey: He finished Mockingjay, slammed the book shut and said, "Well. That was stupid!" Now he is reading Matched. I find this so so fascinating because in the past, he's wanted nothing to do with the YA stuff I've been reading!

JJ: The Iliad by Homer.. .for school, along with tons of textbooks.(Just started her freshman year at college.) She also fit in Mockingjay this past week. When I asked her what she thought, she said. "It was good. I guess."

Moder: Still working on Ender's Game. For school, he's started Beowulf. (He just started 10th grade.) Wow, I say!

Toto: Just finished The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. Has now started The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale (can't believe she hasn't read this one already!) She has to read 40 books during the school year (she just started 6th grade) from many different genres. I'll be reporting how that goes!

What are you reading this lovely Sunday?


  1. I just finished reading Week 9's stuff for Bleak House and oh man I'm sorry to say I really don't like the book. :(

  2. Wow, you are FLYING! Sorry you are not liking it... and so many people say it's their favorite book of his... strange. But so far, I liked Great Expectations and David Copperfield much much better. Tale of Two Cities even. Maybe even Nicholas Nickelby! :)

  3. I'm a little jealous that you can have a discussion about Mockingjay with both your husband AND one of your kids. I so want that (married to a non-reader and both kids too young!)

  4. My husband just started The Hunger Games today so I will be interested to see how he feels about the series. I have a feeling he may say it is stupid too!

  5. I love the idea that your youngest is being challenged to read so many books over the course of the school year and in a variety of genres. What a way to get kids reading! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

  6. I'm a bit ahead of the game on Bleak House so I'm taking a break for a week. I'm thinking that I need to go back and reread the last Wheel of Time book though, before the Nov. release of the next book. Must see if I can remember who I lent that book too ...



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