Friday, September 17, 2010

BBAW: Future Treasures

Today's BBAW topic is to recap our week and predict our future in blogging.

First off all, I've been  a little more laid back this BBAW then in previous years. I've been a little less click happy with regard to adding to the reader. Which kind of makes me sad because I'm sure there's lots of blogs out there that I would love and have sort of skimmed over in my hurry. Hopefully, they'll end up on my radar eventually anyway!

But it's been fun as it always is! Reading the interviews and meeting new bloggers. Seeing what new genres we've encouraged each other to read this year. And adding to the pile with all the great recommendations. Oh, and the gazillon giveaways! Did you enter lots? I entered only a few really, but yeah, there's some great ones out there! (My giveaway lasts until Sunday night, so you still have time if you missed it.)

Having said all that, I must admit that BBAW and other events like it have another strange side affect. It makes me feel like a very very small fish in a very very big sea. Once that happens, lots of insecurities float to the surface and I have to battle them down. I hate it when that happens. But on the other hand, all the praise and high fiving and back slapping and "way to go"s are wonderful and happy and so very positive that you can't help but be proud to be part of it all, small or not.

I really do enjoy this week of book blogging love and think it's a blast!

And now for my goals. Hmmmm..... what are my goals?

1. Stop with that above mentioned insecurity already. Sheesh. Unnecessary!
2. I hereby vow to comment more! (Is it okay if my comments are, perhaps, a bit on the brainless side?)
3. Don't stop... believing blogging! After three and half years, I'd say it's part of who I am now, and why would I ever want to stop? So here's to keeping it up.
4. I would like to do more enthusiastic reviews. (In other words, I want more of you blaming me for finding your favorite books!)
5. And finally, continue to put more effort into my little features. Add to my lists! Be brave and email more authors to send me a list!

So, that's about where I stand on my future... how about you? 

And a big hip hip hooray to all those involved in making this week happen! It blows me away the effort that's involved. You are all extremely appreciated!


  1. You have no need to be insecure! I know I'm not as good at commenting as I was last year (ie time constraints and trippling the blogs I follow have made it so I can't comment on every post anymore) but that doesn't mean I read any less. Your blog is wonderful!

  2. I think events like this do sort of the opposite - by seeing how comfortable and supportive the community can be, I feel less worried about what I'm doing when I know people will be around reading anyway.

    Good luck keeping on blogging - I'm doing the same :)

  3. No insecurities, please! You totally do not need to be worrying about that. Your status is firmly entrenched. I like the idea of a podcast. A Muse podcast perchance? ;)

  4. You shouldn't be insecure--your blog is great. I do think you have some good goals too.

  5. I know what you mean about the insecurities...there will always be those who read faster, deeper and achieve more. There will always be those with more followers, better pages, better reviews, and a "prettier" life than mine. I am trying to not let it worry me. That insecurity thing is just a tool of the Guilt-Monster. Personally he's my enemy and I need to learn to ignore him! (BTW, he's in the classroom too. Students and teachers alike!)

    I am zooming back right now to enter your give-away! (PS, don't tell but I always click to your blog first to catch up on Josh, your current reads and fun interests! Keep it up!)

  6. I'm so with you on the insecurities. BBAW reminds me just what a small fish I am. But, I'm learning to be ok with that, especially since I am in such good company :)

  7. Amanda: No... YOUR blog is wonderful! :)

    Kim: I see that side of things too.

    Michelle: Podcast? YOU do the podcast, and I will listen! :)

    Reviews: Thank you so much!

    Inside: Yes, my enemy too. A monster that crops up now and then that I have to fight down! Take that! And that!(Love your comment about Josh...should I talk about him more? Hmmm......)

    Melissa: Yes, let's be small fish together! I'm good with that! :)

  8. I agree that we *all* need to scrap our insecurities. I know I've got a ton of them that I need to offload! I'm also in the same boat as you in that I'd like to write more enthusiastic reviews. I feel like I used to, but lately, even though I'm still as in love with books as ever, my reviews kinda are lacking passion and enthusiasm. Now I just need to find a way to make my enthusiasm last from when I finish a book to when I write the review!

  9. to help you stop stressing about being a little fish in a big sea ...

    - you have a fabulous blog
    - your posts are fun and interesting
    - I trust your book-judgment

    plus you are lovely and fun (via email and twitter at least!)




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