Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bleak House Read Along Thoughts: Week Three

Whew, moving right along here! Some parts are great, and some parts are... not.

Of course we met many new characters again.  And as is Dickens favorite thing, they were poor sad kids. This time, three kids trying to live on their own. Now I can't remember who their dad was, but he was someone we'd already met too.

We also learned more about the fiancé of Caddy and his strange dad.

Jo, the homeless boy from earlier, made a couple of appearances. Oh boy, I really like him! I love how he talks and can totally hear it perfectly in my head. He got some money for showing Lady Dedlock I think it was (though she pretended to be a servant) all the key locations pertaining to our dead guy. Interesting.

And there is something strange going on with regard to Esther and Lady Dedlock. She (Esther) remembers her from somewhere. That is teaser bit of info. We learn a little bit about Esther's past too, but of course, now I can't even remember what it was! I just want to know how Lady Dedlock is connected!

I also got more vibes with the Esther/Jarndyce relationship. Amanda says in her thoughts of the week that she thought Mr. Jarndyce was uncomfortable because there's a connection between them in the past... but I was wondering if he was squirming when she said "you are like a father to me" because he didn't want to be like a father to her. Hmmmm...  guess we'll see which direction that takes.

But not much more about the dark young surgeon, except he took off to sea or something.

Well, I wish stuff would just start happening and that we would stop meeting new characters! Enough already!


  1. At least it's getting a little better, right? I'm reading Week 6's material right now and by Week 5 Dickens finally stops introducing people and starts tying all their stories together, which is really, really nice! I think with Week 3, we've gotten past the worst of it!

  2. I was going to say that you might as well get used to new characters b/c Dickens has a thing for adding more as he goes along but, like Amanda said in her comment, he does seem to stop after a while. Things starts to come more and more together within the next few chapters.

    I have some definite theories about how everyone connects to each other but I don't know if that's b/c I'm figuring it out from the clues or if some part of my brain really DOES remember reading this before ...



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