Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Sunday Salon: All Those Books I Haven't Read

This week it hit me, wow, there's so many books I haven't read and will probably never get to read. Do you ever ponder this depressing thought? Most of the time, we are concentrating on what we have read, what we plan to read, what's in the stack, what we are looking forward to, etc. But do you ever wonder and feel sad about all the books you'll never manage to get to?

I know, it's sad!

When I was listening to Brandon Sanderson's thing this past week and he was talking about all the wonderful fantasy series he's read and loved, it made me crazy wondering if I'll ever find the time for any or even some of them (besides the Wheel of Time which I am determined to get through and which will be at least another year of effort!)

Then there's this new used book store here in my area which I've been meaning to check it out forever and this weekend I finally did. Wow, I couldn't believe how many books they had! And how many I haven't read! I guess it's the same feeling you have when you walk into a regular bookstore, or a library and suddenly having that overwhelming feeling that there's so much to read.

Bottom line I guess is finding that tricky balance between trying to cram as many books as you can onto your reading plate, and stuffing them all down as fast as you can, or stepping back and taking things a little more slowly and enjoying and savoring the books that you do find time to read.

Know what I mean? My guess is we go in phases between the two, sometimes stuffing, sometimes savoring. I must be in a savoring phase a the moment with these two huge books I'm concentrating on, because I feel like there's not much stuffing going on!

Yes, my reading report for the week has not changed at all since last week. I'm completely wrapped up in Rand, Perrin and Mat's story in The Shadow Rising, Wheel of Time #4. Just past half way done now. Also, I'm just about to the half way point of Bleak House. This one is a chapter by chapter experience. One chapter is great, another not so great. But we're moving along!

So yeah. I'm wondering if next week I'll STILL be on these two books! Meanwhile, all those books I'm NOT reading? They sit there waiting.


  1. I am with you completely--it is so depressing to think of how many good books I will never get to read.

  2. I'm reading Bleak House too. I am really enjoying this one--more than I thought I would anyway--but there are chapters that drag.

  3. I totally understand where you are coming from. I spend so much time trying to read books as quickly as possible that sometimes I feel like I don't get to enjoy/savor the ones I do find time for. And I am always trying to get my hands on the newest or latest book - always looking ahead to what will be coming out. In reality, what would really happen to me if I missed a great book or two? It's a constant struggle!

  4. I definitely go through phases of savoring and stuffing. And yes it makes me sad (and a little crazy) to think of all of those books that I won't read. But I try to look forward to that next great book that takes my breath away and renews my love of reading even more..that kinda sounds sappy though :)

  5. Just last week I was talking to some friends about wishing we could read faster so we could read more books - but ultimately we decided that while we like "quantity," we like "quality" more. If we stop enjoying our reading in the quest to read more books, then we've lost the point of reading entirely!

    Enjoy your reading!

  6. I totally get it. I get that feeling every time I walk into a bookstore. So many books, so little time. But where is this new used bookstore?

  7. The alternating good/bad chapters are exactly how I feel about Bleak House!

    Honestly, when I start feeling like I'll never be able to read all the books I want to read, I get overwhelmed and go into purge mode, sorting out which ones I don't want/need to read as much and deciding they can be sacrificed, etc, until I get things down to something that no longer overwhelms me...

  8. I think about that way too often - it's so overwhelming. And I'm always surprised when I go to a charity sale or something and still come back with a bag full of books. Where are they all coming from?? :-)

  9. Reviews: I know, we have to NOT think about it!

    Becky: I actually thought I would enjoy it more than I am. But still, it's going fine.

    Tina: I know I think sometimes we need to take a deep breathe and just enjoy!

    Sam: Not sappy at all.. totally spot on. :)

    Alison: So very very true.

    TG (Jenny): Do you remember where Timpanogos Bookstore used to be a long time ago? And then it was a furniture store for awhile. It's in that building...called Chapters. (about 8th S. State) Wow... they've got a lot!

    Amanda: I'm lousy at purging! I wish sometimes I could, but nope, it doesn't happen much.

    Joanna: Yeah! Where ARE they all coming from! :)



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