Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little John, Josh and Janette Love

Some random fun videos I've come across this week that I simply must share:

Why I love John:

(a video where John Green talks to a 15 year old version of his brother and discusses critical reading by comparing it to eating pizza... or something. Be sure to watch to the very end. Just sayin'.)

Why I love Josh:

(Okay, so you all know why, but this montage clip of the past few years really shows it all! New album people! New album!)

Why I love Janette (as in Rallison):

(This just cracked me up because it's so close to my reality...minus the Cheez Its, which I just really can't stand.)

Anyway. Enjoy! A lovely Friday and weekend to you all!


  1. Great videos. I'd never seen John before. Next time I think of pizza, I'll think of him. And the Irish.

    And Janette's just a hoot.

  2. I love Green and that video just made my day. Hilarious.

  3. Great, great videos! I loved them all! Yeah, the last one cracked me up, and it is a bit too close to my reality. Well, my kids would say that *it is* my reality. LOL

    John Green's video was fantastic. He sums up, pretty much, how I view literary class work. It all boils down to what we, as the reader, take from the book vs what someone else thinks it means, yet we still need to have a clue to start our thoughts from.

  4. Those Cheez-Its are mesmerizing! (hard to find here, sorry)



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