Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Signing Up for Stuff

Here I am, signing up for stuff again. Actually, it's been awhile, so it's okay, right?

Really Old Classics Challenge: In which we read stuff from before 1600. This one tempted me last year, but this year, I have to participate because my daughter is taking a Greek and Roman Lit class at college and I want to read something with her. I'll probably read The Iliad or The Aeneid. And if that goes well, maybe I'll read something else off her list!

R.I.P V: In which we read spooky stories for the fall/Halloween season. Want the definition of spooky? Check out Carl's post with details included. Once again, this challenge is pretty much not optional! I mean, if you're a book blogger, you just do this one! But then again, why would you not want to? I'm going to read at least two books for this challenge, which puts me in Peril The Second. Also, I hope to do Peril on the Screen and watch a fun movie for this genre.

My list of potentials:
The Replacement by Brenna Yovnoff
The Mist by Stephen King
Interview with a Vampire by Ann Rice
The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

And I don't really know what else. I'm to be perusing all your lists and when I see something that sounds fabulous, I'll be adding to my own list!

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon: In which we read all day long on October 9th. I think that works for me! Does it work for you? If so, better get on over and sign up. It will be a blast. You don't want to miss it!

That's all at the moment. That's all I can really handle too, so hopefully no one will come by tempting me with more.

What will YOU be signing up for?


  1. I didn't think I'd be able to do Readathon this year but I think I can now, yay!

  2. I'm joining them all! Now I just need to post about them and make time to read!

  3. I agree-the RIP challenge really isn't optional!

    I am 90% sure I will be able to participate in the read-a-thon. I missed the last one, so I'll be bummed if I miss out on this one too!

  4. As the host I certainly consider it optional and am thus sincerely touched whenever someone makes the choice to be a part of it. Thank you so much for doing so and thanks for the kind words. This community makes this challenge so special and I love this time of year.

  5. Hooray! I'm so excited about R.I.P. It's an excellent way to kick-off fall!

  6. I'm going to sign up for the RIP challenge too ... I saw how much fun everyone had with it last year so I had to join in!

  7. I'm glad you are joining us on the Really Old Classics challenge, can't wait to see what you read.

    Plus, good luck on all your challenges. I may have to do the RIP challenge this year.

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  9. If you're going to read a Stephan King. I'm telling you, you should read Salem's Lot. It's the ONLY book that ever truly freaked me out.

  10. I really am planning on doing a classics reading challenge for nest year, but I have to contain my TBR pile before then (although I have to wonder if that ever happens) I think I will sign up for the Dwey read-a-thon though thanks for the head up.

    I love your list for the RIPV I might suggest that you also add Morpheus Road: The Light to that list, it is spookier than any of the ones on your list except maybe King's

  11. These are some great challenges! You already know, of course, that I'm participating in the Really Old Classics challenge. I'm opting out of RIP only b/c I'm doing another Dueling Monsters read-a-long in October with Jill @ Fizzy Thoughts ... details coming soon. :)

  12. thanks for the heads up on the RIP challenge. went and signed up and looking forward to getting started.

  13. I read Interview with a Vampire last winter (09) and really liked the book. It will be fun to see what you think.

    Fun, fun, are going to read The Replacement. Very cool. When do you think you will read this one? I think, for me, I am going to read it in October. I hope it is as good as it looks.

  14. Amanda: YAY!

    Shelley: Cool.

    Reviews: Oh, I hope you can do it.

    Carl: Seriously. It must be done!

    Jessica: I agree.

    Jenners: Glad you are joining!

    Ryan: Yes, come do RIP. I hope I survive the really old stuff too! :)

    TG (Jenny): Ah, but, is it TOO scary?

    Jan: Thanks for the suggestion.

    Heather: For your dueling monsters... my vote is on Mr. Hyde for sure!

    Contemplatrix: YAY!

    Ibeeeg: Oh, I hope I get to that vampire book! As for The Replacement, I just posted my review! :)

  15. I am doing the RIP challenge, too! Hope you enjoy your books!



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