Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Book: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
Genre: Romance (I thought it was YA but it wasn't shelved there at the library.)
Rating: A-
For: Fun
From: the library

I blame Angie from Angieville... again... for directing me to pick up this one. She did a post awhile back where she shared the book trailers for this one and it's sequel, Rules of Attraction, and something about them made me want to read them. I was in a mood I guess.

This first book is about how a supposedly perfect cheerleader-ly, blonde-haired, shallow type girl gets together with a rough and tough looking, Mexican gang banger. It's about how these stereotypes we might have for each of these kids is blown all to heck. Each of them has assumptions about the other, and those assumptions, of course, are totally wrong. And we know all these things going through their minds because it flips back and forth between each of their points of view. It's a fun journey to go on along with them as they discover the truth about each other.

The book has some very rough language and vulgar talk, and there's teenage sex and drugs.... so beware if you are bothered by that stuff. Some of it did bother me, yet I loved the story and the characters and as I said, it was a fun journey, so I liked it despite those "gritty" moments.

Alex, the guy in this story, has two younger brothers. As I understand it, the next book is about the next brother in line, and there's going to be a third about the last brother. Fun idea. I plan on reading them both.

Simone Elkeles official website.
An official site for the book Perfect Chemistry.

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  1. *grins widely* I'll take the blame. But I'm very glad you liked it. Alex is hard to resist...



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