Thursday, April 22, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Earth Day

Hey, I think I'll answer a BTT question today. Sort of. I have a feeling I'm going to twist it around a bit, but here goes.

The question today is:

 It's Earth Day... what are you reading? Are your reading habits changing for the sake of the environment? What are you doing for the sake of the planet?

So first of all, I'm reading Perfect Chemistry. Whoa! Hot stuff. Not liking all the language though, but hey, it gives it an authentic feel. So, there's nothing about the environment going on there. And I can guarantee you my reading habits will not change for the sake of the environment. Not sure what the question means actually. That I give up paper books and start with the e-reader thing? Yeah, not going to happen. At least not for a long time. I mean, I'll probably end up with one of those things eventually, but it won't take over my "real" book habit. I think that's going to be a hard one to break, and not just for me, but for lots of people.

Or does it mean I'll be reading books about the environment? Yeah, not going to happen either. There might be some interesting books out there about that, but please, keep it out of my fiction! For some reason, this is one of my pet peeves, where fiction books get all preachy about the environment. I barely made it through the book Hoot and I love owls and everything.) And I tried to read Flush, but gave up quickly because it felt like it was going to be the same sort of thing.

Then there was that Maximum Ride book that totally went on a weird turn. Remember that one? Ugh, it made it feel like that series came to a screeching halt. The next book was much better. Now I'm reading the sixth book of that series (yeah Fang became my treadmill book of the week. Did I ever tell you how much I love Fang?) and it remains to be seen if it gets preachy on me again.

Anyway, this is all not to say I'm not for helping the Earth and keeping things beautiful. Just don't get preachy about it in my books! :)

As for what I'm doing for the planet's sake? Well, I'll continue not littering (that includes INSIDE as well as out, which is a whole other subject I could rant on someday if you'd like! movie theaters anyone?)  and continue recycling. And continue planting a garden. And I'm even pondering the idea of riding a bike to work in the summer. Wow! A massive move that would be for me!


  1. Awesome. I couldn't agree more about environmental books. But I got kinda a opinion on that stuff. Kinda a big opinion. LOL. Keep it outa my books!

  2. If I hear the "turn of the tap while you brush your teeth" suggestion again I think I'll scream. I've never done that. I've never known anyone who does that. My BTT is here.

  3. I've yet to see environmental preaching in fiction (probably because I don't read too many recently-published books) but I'm tired of seeing it in the papers.

    This post inspired me in a recent bit of creativity!



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