Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sunday Salon: A Library Story

It's been kinda weird around here for this past week. It might get weirder before it's over. Having said that, I really love how the bingo challenge over at BIP makes me think about new and different ways to post. Hopefully, you all are having fun with what might show up next too! One more week and then back to your regularly scheduled program! (Unless I discover something I love so much I'll add it to the normal line up!)

Anyway, so I have story to tell. This is a story that illustrates how I've gone over the edge of sanity regarding books. I truly am crazy.

Last week, I realized I had three books that I'd put on hold and were ready to be picked up at the library. I couldn't wait, (even though I really didn't lack for anything to read!) so I took daughter Toto with me and we gathered up the book club sets that needed to go back anyway, and headed off, arriving about 40 minutes before closing time.

I found my three books quickly, thought about checking them out quickly too, but then we decided to look at the movies first, to see if Toto wanted something. So we did, and lingered there for a bit while she choose her four movies (this library has the four movie limit.) Just as we were done and about to head  to the check out... .the fire alarm went off!

Instantly, I had a bit of a panic attack. Not about a potential fire... no... but about the fact that I knew they wouldn't let me check out  my books now! I even asked! (What a look I got too!) And they said, no way Jose, so we put our stack on a cart and went outside.

Of course, most people just went on home, but there were a few of us that lingered, hoping to be let back in. We sat there, listening to the alarm ring and ring and ring. Finally, the fire trucks came and the dudes sauntered slowly in and grinned at all us fanatics and said, "we'll try to get you back in as soon as we can."

So I had hope. We waited and waited and waited. The alarm finally went off. We could see the dudes wandering all over the place in there. I just knew any second they would came say.. "false alarm! All is well!"

So we waited. A half hour goes by. I kept thinking if only I'd just checked them out FIRST! Before we looked at movies! Soon it's 9:00 and closing time, which made me nervous. My books! I NEED them! I couldn't leave them there!

Finally, one of the guys came out and said to the small crowd still waiting, "You can go back in for person items you left but THAT'S IT!!" Sheesh, they sure can have an authoritative voice! UGH, I was so bugged. My poor books. I had to leave them. What would happen to them? Where would they end up?

I asked the librarian standing there and she assured me that they would be safe and available the next day.

I felt.... I don't know... crazy... walking off and leaving those books I was so excited about! It was weird. I was so bugged to have made a special trip for them and then to still leave them there. I even dreamed about them that night. Seriously. Is that scary or what?

Anyway, the next day, I went back after work and I looked first on the hold shelf and they weren't there. Then I went to cart, which looked like a mess and I couldn't see my stack! So I asked about it, ready to fight for my books! She calmly started shuffling through the mess on the cart...and suddenly there they were! My books! :) And the movies too! They were saved!

See, I've lost it. Totally.

And I know you want to know what the books were right?

P.S. As I suspected, it was just a little kid pulling the alarm. But when they didn't let us back in, I wondered if something really was up. But, no. The library was safe and sound. And I've since read one and half of these books. See. I really did want them NOW. 


  1. I'm inclined to say that you're not crazy, that I'd have done the same thing, but then again some people would say I'm crazy too... :D

    Hilarious story!

  2. I might have done the same thing :0 Great story!

    Also, I hope the BIP has been fun -- I like the changes to regularly scheduled programming!

  3. I loved this post! Except that I think that I would have been worried about all of the books that could have been possible going up in flames as well. Aack! But all three books look interesting so I'm glad that you finally got them :) Have a great week!

  4. Your books were the first thing I thought of when I heard about the fire alarm. Aren't I safety minded?

  5. What a hilarious story! LOL! I would have done the same thing.

  6. That is awesome! You are hilarious! I may or may not have done the same thing though...:D

  7. Thanks for sharing! That was very entertaining. :) Glad you finally got your books!

  8. My son requested "Fang" two weeks ago and is anxious to read it. Our library has 11 copies system-wide and we are still only 19 in a queue of 23 patrons waiting to read it. I would probably brave a potential fire to go in and get my copy, too, especially the way my son has been asking over and over about it :-).

  9. Too funny. I'm right with you; I'd fight to get my books! (Dang little kids... oh, wait, I have some those. Sorry...) Too funny.

  10. Now that was hilarious!! I am so glad that you have your priorities!! Books and your daughter!

    I have been more than a little childish myself sometimes. The other day they wouldn't let me use my daughter's library card as it had expired and now that she is 18 I can't renew it for while she is out of town and away. Here I had a book waiting to be checked out, my card at home and and now no way to check it out before closing!!! Argh! It was funny how upset I got. You see I have my priorities too.

  11. Oh, you make me laugh. I'd probably have done the same thing though.

    I read Perfect Chemistry this month, thought it was pretty good too :)

  12. I'm so glad everyone is enjoying my library story! It looks like we are all crazy together! :)

    Amanda: Maybe we are both just a little crazy?

    Kim: LOVE the BIP! :)

    Samantha: I did have one tiny thought about what would have happened if it had been a real fire. Just a tiny one!

    Kathy: LOL. Yep.

    Vasilly: I keep wondering how many of the others in the waiting pack outside were dying for their pile of books?

    Chantele: Maybe you'll get a chance one day to find out what you'd do!

    Alyce: Yes, and now that I've finished two of the three, you can see that I really did want to read them NOW!

    Dani: I just finished Fang minutes ago... not sure what to think! ARGH!!

    Melissa: Yes, those dang kids!

    Inside a book: I have two kids over 18 now and it makes me crazy not to have control over their cards any more.

    Clover: My thoughts on Perfect Chemistry coming up soon.

  13. I would've freaked out too. Although, I would have been more scared for the safety of all those books - a fire? Not there! Anywhere but there! :)

  14. I had become so addicted to buying books a few months ago that I realized I literally felt sick when I had to make myself drive by a book store without stopping. Seriously--a physical reaction to the inability to buy books I didn't in the least bit need! I'm crazy, too!

  15. LOL!!! I am so glad to know that I am not alone in my book craziness!!!! Who knew something like this could cause such anxiety?!?! I would have acted the same way though!! :)



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