Monday, April 26, 2010

Listful Monday: Book Places NOT of this World

Today's list, brought to you by Julie at A Small Accomplishment, is to list:

Bookish places not of this world you'd like to visit

1. Hogwarts... of course. Don't we ALL want to visit Hogwarts?
2. Rivendell: the elves' city from The Lord of the Rings. And I hope Legolas is there.....
3. Bayern from Shannon Hale's books:  specifically, I think a nice quiet farm, or Finn's place in the forest.
4. Narnia: after the snow is gone.

5. Never Never Land: to hang out, just for awhile, with Peter Pan
6. The Hundred Acre Wood: now this place seems nice and calm, except on those blustery days!
7. Maximum Ride's Mountain Retreat: and spend a day flying with the flock

I've realized, trying to make this list, that make believe places really aren't so nice. Fantasy worlds are SCARY and dark, and dreary, and dirty, and hard and full of crazy creatures. I really don't want to go there. And futuristic worlds are.... scary and dark and dreary! I'm trying to think of a nice happy futuristic world written about in some book? Is there one?


  1. That's a great point. Another place I can think of is Oz and it's very scary!

  2. What a great list! I think my list, if I'd made one, would have a major overlap with yours :)

  3. Awesome! Thank you. I never thought of the Hundred Acre Wood. That would be very peaceful. And we could go on a heffalump expotition. :)

  4. Well, in all fairness, the real world is kind of a scary screwed up place too. ;)



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