Thursday, April 1, 2010

Michael Buble: A Concert Review (and Rant)

I'm hoping someone is interested in hearing my thoughts on last night's Michael Buble concert, 'cause I'm interested in writing them! :)

First of all, Michael was wonderful! Very personal, very funny, very good, very cute, very bubbly. He was a blast to listen to and a blast to watch. He started out with a bang (literally), slowed it down a bit in the middle, then pumped it up again towards the end. I loved it when he walked through the audience, and climbed up on a little platform stage in the middle of the crowd where he sang "Home." He asked for the lights to be turned up so he could see everyone. Wow, what a feeling that must be to suddenly feel yourself stand in the middle of a sea of 10,000 screaming people! I think I would faint!

Then, at the end, the curtains came back down in front of the band. One loan trumpeter suddenly appeared in the crowd with a spotlight on him, and one on Michael. Then the trumpet faded away, at which point Michael stepped away from the microphone and just sang... and his voice filled up the arena without the microphone. It was the coolest thing. The crowd got so quiet and still, and it was just him singing and in an instant it felt like it was just us and him in a room, not a huge venue with thousands of people. Very cool. And then he ended it and shook a few more people's hands and then quietly walked off the stage. (You can see that moment someone filmed and posted here if you are interested.)

Now my rant and a question someone maybe can answer. Why why why do people pay literally hundreds of dollars for a concert such as this, then once they get there (late of course) all they can think about is drinking? Why? The people next to us, first climbed over us when they were late. Climbed back over us to get their drinks. Then one climbed back over us to get more drinks. Then the other one climbed back to pee I'm guessing, then AGAIN to get more drinks! THEN... they proceeded to put their drinks under their chairs... and instead of drinking them, spilled them all over the place. Suddenly, at one point, I realized my brand new purse that I'd stashed under my chair was sitting in puddle of beer. And my jacket that was hung over my chair was dragging in it also. Oh and our umbrella was completely dripping.

Now Michael is singing his current most popular song "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" (link to video someone else took last night) and I'm standing there (feet sticking all over in the puddle of beer) fuming because of these people, who totally didn't even look like they were listening to the concert at all. Besides all the up and down and back and forth, the girl was WAY more wiggly than any of my kids are. She looked like she couldn't concentrate on the singing no matter how hard she tried. Why do people go to concerts if they don't LOVE the singer? They are dragged their by their significant other? Their friends? And why do they realize people around them have spent a major amount of money to be there to see and listen to (there were lots of people talking throughout the concert too, just just my neighbors) someone that they LOVE!!!???

I guess when I pay so stinkin' much money for an event of this magnitude, I expect to be able to sit back and enjoy it without worrying about restless bored people all around me. I'm not saying for people to not drink, but to at least get it all taken care of before the main star starts singing, and then be a grown up about it, and actually sit there and listen to the show and not act like little kids begging for more food and drinks for the whole show. And if you do get the drinks, plan on HOLDING IT until after the show! Better yet,  if you have a peeing problem, skip the drinks people!

What do you think? Is it too much to ask? Am I missing a key part of the whole experience?

Whew... I haven't had such a good rant for a long time! I feel so much better!

Bottom line: Michael... YOU rocked! People next to me.... YOU acted worse than my kids and next time... stay home!! And thanks for ruining my purse!

Here's video of his entrance and "Cry Me A River" from someone who had major good seats:

Monday, we see Muse at this very same location, in nearly the very same seats. I really hope the people sitting around us have actually come to see Muse, and to scream and dance, and clap and cheer, and that their main concern isn't about the drinks/food/toilet.


  1. Oh, that sucks! I don't know why though I've wondered it myself. And his concerts aren't cheap either. I'd want to get as much out of the concert as possible. I can drink & listen to the CD at home.

  2. Can't help you with that I am afraid. I have experienced very similar and just dont get it! Maybe the fact that it has cost a lot doesnt bother them? Very annoying for the people around them though. Glad you enjoyed Michael though - I think I am going to try and see him next time he comes here.

  3. Ugh. That is SO ANNOYING!!!! I don't know if I would have been able to hold my tongue!

  4. Ew. That's awful. Stupid people. Wish you could have smacked them with your ruined purse. I know, I know. I couldn't have done it either. But I still wish.

  5. Stupid people. I hate it when that happens. You're not wrong to rant; you paid a bundle for the tickets, and they ruined the experience.

    Glad to know Michael Buble rocked, though... we're seeing him when he comes here (yay!!) in June. :-D

  6. Thats just rude and selfish. I had a similar experience on Michael's last tour. If these people bothered to pay attention they might actually find that they are hugely impressed by Mr. Buble and dont need anything other than him to keep them entertained for the few hours. I have front row tickets to see him in Ireland and they are on the edge too so hopefully anyone sitting around me will be too embarrassed to chat through out the concert. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Michael himself glared at them and sshhhh'd them.. it must be slightly distracting for him too. Although the consummate professional that he is he I'm sure he wouldn't bat an eyelid. More's the pity.

  7. Wow, so annoying! I don't go to live concerts very often because I have very little patience for annoying people like that. I'm glad Michael was good, although I would have expected him to be :)

  8. I went to a Paul McCartney concert last year. Someone gave me a $600 ticket to sit 13 rows from the front and the woman in front of me drank so much she was stumbling over chairs. The drunk woman behind me screamed so much my ears were ringing and there were constant comings and goings. I don't get it either. I'm glad you enjoyed Michael Buble. What a charming young man he is. I'd love to see him live sans the drunks.

  9. Yea, this horrified me when I read it. I'm so sorry that you sat by such morons! I was up in the nosebleed section, but pretty much had decent neighbors sitting by us. We did have a group of people stumble in an hour late. As you said, why do that?!? It's just insane.

    I'm so sorry that you had your purse destroyed and such a lousy experience with those around you!

  10. What a wonderful concert. My husband and I had got tickets from at discounted prices and a big "Thank You" to Ticketwood for Michael Buble Tickets .We drove from the Lewiston-Clarkston area to attend Buble concert. It was our first, and won't be the last. Being a Music teacher, I've followed Michael's career since the first interivew I saw years ago. There is absolutely no one who can interpret a song like Michael with such emotion and tenderness as on "Best of Me", "Home," or "Song for You.". Great Show!



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