Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bookword Game: Winner and New Word!

Congratulations to Julie from A Small Accomplishment. Her pick A History Mystery is the new bookword to describe a book where the characters from the present are researching the characters from the past.

Now let's find a word to describe this scenario:

What should we call a book that makes you interested enough in its topic that you are inspired to go and do some more research on it?

Suggestions in the comments!!


  1. How about "A Stepping Stone Book" or "A Bridge Book"?

  2. That's the way The Other Boelyn Girl was for me. I wanted to know everything about that period of time. Hmmm...

    I like "Attention Grabber" because my attention was definitely grabbed and couldn't be released until my hunger was satiated.

    There are also:

    The Gluttenous Read
    An Interest-Piquing Book
    A Sleeping Giant (Play on words with Japan's response to their bombing of Pearl Harbor)

  3. When I read Patterson's Lost Symbol, I looked up several things he mentioned in the book. Here is my suggestion: Probing Prose

  4. Loving your suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming!



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