Monday, April 19, 2010

Listful Monday: Book Places

Once again, Julie has come up with a fun list for us to create today on this nice Monday. Today's list is:

Book Places I Want to See/Visit

1. Prince Edward Island: this one will be at the TOP of my list every time because of dear old Anne. And now, I can add that if I ever do go there, I will plan to track down Raidergirl3 from An Adventure in Reading... because I know if she ever came to my part of the world and didn't come say hi, I'd be so very sad.

2. Guernsey: because I'd never even heard of this island before the book, and now, I long to see it.

3. Ireland: because of all of Maeve Binchy's books

4. London... again: because the first time I went there we didn't have time for "literary" tours. Next time, I will MAKE time.

5. Molokai: because of the book by the same name. I've been to Hawaii twice in my life, and it seems everyone skips this particular island. Next time (and I hope there's one) I want to see this island!

6. Switzerland: because of Heidi of course. And more recently because of Sing Me To Sleep. And because my great grandpa came from there.

7. Notre Dame in Paris: because of the hunchback! And while I'm there, I'll see some other Paris stuff too.

8. Australia: because of that one book.... ummm.... you know, with Richard Camberlain in the movie....what's that name of that book???? And because of the movie A Man from Snowy River. And because Markus Zusak lives there.

9. Cornwall: because of Arthur and Tristan and Merlin and Lancelot and ALL those dudes. I would climb all over every ruin I could find and imagine Arthur everywhere! (I did get to see what they think was Avalon where King Arthur was buried and that was truly very cool.)

10. Along those same lines Sherwood Forest and Nottingham: because, as I moaned about before, when we were in England years ago, we drove past these places but didn't get out and experience them. And even though Sherwood Forest is but a small clump of trees now, I just KNOW I'd feel the presence of Robin Hood and his gang if I got out and breathed and listened.

NEXT week: places I want to visit NOT part of this world. I'll be pondering all week.....
Join us over at A Small Accomplishment!

P.S. I still can't think of the name of that book. 


  1. Here's the plan: you come to PEI, and then pick me up, and we'll go to all the rest of the places on the list together, because I think you've hit all my dream spots too. One little stop at Iceland and Sicily, and I'm good.

    ps: The Thorn Birds.

  2. Ah yes! The Thorn Birds! Of course! And do love your plan. Why I didn't add Italy to my list I have no idea. You know what I want to see, besides all the classical sites, is Pompeii. Did you read that book? Fascinating.

  3. I agree about Prince Edward Island! I'm a huge Anne fan! I'd also like to tour the home of Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors. I'd alao love to spend the day at Hogwarts!! :)

  4. Yes! I love you list! After reading Guernsey last year, I too was so intrigued as well and any book that's set somewhere else I am always struck with a yearning to go there and your post totally got that!

  5. Pictures again! I have a vertical learning curve. And I've never read a Robin Hood book. How is that?



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